Dem Congressman Admits They Were Working on Impeachment Even Before Trump Was Elected

Dem Congressman Admits They Were Working on Impeachment Even Before Trump Was Elected

At long last, the truth is being told by the Democratic party and we are here for it. The world of politics is full of liars. It is very rare to get to the bottom of things. In an arena where no one is telling the truth, it is rare to see such candor. Maybe we can finally get some truth and honesty out of the Democratic party on a more regular basis?

Al Green is the man who has decided to ‘fess up and we are grateful to him for doing so. He’s a known impeachment fan. Green would do anything to make sure that Trump suffers. Instead of hiding behind silly excuses and making up nonsensical justifications, he is getting right to the point.

The revelation came to light during an interview with Chris Hayes of MSNBC. The Democratic Congressman told the world that he is full of it and we cannot stop laughing. We wonder if the other Democrats are mad that the secret was out. As it turns out, the Democrats were not even willing to wait for the Trump presidency to unfold.

They were working to impeach him before he had even taken office! Al himself called for Trump’s impeachment all the way back in 2017. Not only is this egregious behavior, it is not even the first time that Green had done so within that calendar year. In fact, he readily admits that this was his fourth time calling for the impeachment of Trump in 2017 alone.

When Chris spoke about the argument that the Republicans have made against the Democrats in this regard, he did not do anything to back away from it. Green embraced the man’s words and accepted them. Is that so hard, Democrats? It is easy to simply say what you mean and mean what you say. There is no need to hide behind lies and double speak all of the time.

We just wish that someone would have been willing to go on the record with this a bit sooner. Otherwise, we might not have wasted so much time with the bad faith debates on this topic. It is clear to see that the Democrats had it out for Trump and were not willing to give him a fair chance to improve the country. This is silly and shameful behavior at best and actively harmful to the fate of the nation at worst.

Green did not want to give him a chance and he pointed to the President’s behavior when it comes to his relationship with James Comey. It is believed that Trump fired him as a means of fending off probes into his relationships with the Russians. Al believed that he was doing what was best for the nation but that does not excuse his actions.

Whatever happened to allowing the legal process to unfold? Instead, Green assumed that Trump was in the process of obstructing justice. He did not want to give him the opportunity to properly defend himself in a court of law. If the Democrats did not move to impeach him, this would give Trump the chance to claim that he had been exonerated. This is not a chance that the Democrats were willing to take.

Why even have a Congress is this how they are going to behave? A good government should never function in this manner. It is not about trying to stymie the other party. It is about coming together to make decisions that are going to benefit the United States over the short term and the long haul. Instead, charlatans like Al Green would rather hijack democracy and bend it to their personal whims.

If the Democrats are willing to behave like this now, just imagine how awful the future is going to look. They have zero qualms about making decisions that are only going to be beneficial to their needs. Green even believes that Trump needs to be impeached as a means of addressing slavery! How on Earth could anyone draw a conclusion this nonsensical. Even when he walks us through his thought process, it still does not make any sense.

It seems like the Dems are merely throwing things at the wall to see what sticks. Why they refuse to simply accept the Trump presidency and stop behaving like spoiled children is beyond us. There is no reason to act like this but we can definitely appreciate the honesty that Al Green has placed on full display. Hopefully, there are more Democrats out there that will be willing to own their insanity in the months and years to come.


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