Democrat Activist Judge Wants Texans to Snitch on Restaurant Patrons

Democrat Activist Judge Wants Texans to Snitch on Restaurant Patrons

Lina Hidalgo is a Harris County judge and she is issuing a very bizarre request to her state’s residents. Now that the state is in the process of reopening, she wants people to start tattling on each other. If the restaurants in Texas are too busy for her liking, she’s urging residents to start snitching.

These are the mentalities that are being encouraged right now and we are about tired of it. This radical Democrat judge wants everyone to go along with her suggestion but at what cost? She’s a known socialist and that should tell you everything that you need to know about her political leanings.

The last time many of us heard from her, she was defending the practice of withholding funding from flood victims. To make matters even worse, Hidalgo was basing these decisions on the skin color of the victims. She has now moved onto threatening people who do not follow her stay at home orders.

Hidalgo says that anyone who is not willing to follow her orders is going to face up to 180 days in jail. Business owners are going to be feeling her wrath and it’s about as unfair as it gets. Young radicals like these do not deserve the power that they have gained and now the rest of us will have to suffer.

We are that she is going to rise up in the Democratic party in the years to come. They are aligning themselves with all sorts of radicals, in a desperate attempt to cling to relevancy. This judge is definitely looking to curry favor with the other Communist countries that encourage people to inform on their neighbors.

Leaders like these are encouraging Americans to live in a quasi police state, except the actual officers are not responsible for enforcing the law. This is a world where we all have to keep our heads on a swivel. If you are dining in a restaurant in Texas that is deemed to be “too full”, you could wind up pleading your case in an actual court of law.

All of this brings to mind a certain saying about snitches. While we are not going to repeat it, you already know what we are talking about. It is only going to be a matter of time before states like Texas start to set up snitching hotlines so that people can start issuing anonymous reports about their fellow citizens.

Do the snitches know that they are essentially sentencing people to illness when they send them to jail like this? The prison populations are overrun with sickness at the moment. The tattletales would do well to remember that before they decide to pick up the phone and place someone else’s health at risk.

This kind of behavior goes both ways, too. Let’s say that someone is tattled on for being at a crowded restaurant and they are able to find out who is responsible. What’s going to stop them from stalking that person and finding out about the rules that they are bending during the pandemic recovery period?

We are well past the point where Americans can be pushed around. Since the president is not willing to enact any far reaching regulations, he is leaving it up to the individual states to decide what they want to do. Governors and mayors have to keep a close eye on their populations and make the right decisions when and if the virus begins to flare up.

That means that governors and mayors also need to trust their populations to make the right choices, without any draconian rules. Sure, they can make all of the rules that they want about crowded spaces and public safety. These rules are all but meaningless if the general public is not willing to follow them to the letter.

A governor or mayor can make various threats but our collective recovery from the pandemic depends on our ability to remain cognizant of each other’s personal risk factors. People need to be able to make their own choices. As much as we would like to keep them from being able to do so, there is not a whole lot that can be done in this regard.

Snitching may feel justified in a situation like this but it is only going to do more harm than good. We just hope that people are willing to take a big picture view in these scenarios. Getting someone sent to jail because you do not agree with their social distancing methods could land them in a hospital bed…..or worse.


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