Democrat Death Threats Force Child into Hiding for Mildly Teasing Them

Democrat Death Threats Force Child into Hiding for Mildly Teasing Them

“Mini AOC” quickly became an internet sensation in 2019. The adorable 8-year-old girl from Los Angeles bears a passing resemblance to freshman Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). So, with the help of her parents, she slapped on a pair of glasses and some lipstick and began producing hilarious, viral parody videos of the real AOC. Alas, Mini AOC’s online accounts are no more. That’s because Democrats responded to her good-natured fun in their typical fashion.

You know, by threatening to murder a charming 8-year-old child and her family.

Mini AOC’s videos were all done in good, clean, family-friendly fun. After the recent Democrat debates, Mini AOC announced that she was endorsing Chuck Todd and Rachel Maddow (the MSNBC moderators) for president. That’s a funny and multi-layered joke that her parents obviously helped her with.

When the adult congresswoman from New York published a video in which she expressed genuine bewilderment at her new apartment’s garbage disposal (she genuinely didn’t know what it was), Mini AOC had a charming response. She ran her own garbage disposal and pretended to stuff Chick-Fil-A bags down it. Again: Funny, multi-layered humor that is more entertaining than any of the woke social-justice garbage you’ll see on the formerly-funny Saturday Night Live.

When Rep. Ocasio-Cortez was caught staging a photoshoot, Mini AOC provided some much-needed comic relief. The adult AOC released photos in which she pretended to be in front of an illegal alien detention center, hunched over and weeping for “her people” in “concentration camps.” She was actually in front of an empty parking lot and nowhere near a detention center. A sitting Member of Congress committed a Jussie Smollett-style hoax to try to smear the Border Patrol. Mini AOC adopted the exact same poses and wept in front of the fence at a public park, pretending it was closed.

Democrats are incapable of taking a joke. All of Mini AOC’s videos would be described as “mild teasing” by a normal person. She never called Ocasio-Cortez names. Mini AOC just teased her. And for that, Democrats threatened to kill an 8-year-old child. Way to go, as usual, jerks!

Compare any of Mini AOC’s comic bits (you can still find snippets online) to Alec Baldwin’s portrayal of President Trump on Saturday Night Live. Baldwin is petty, insulting, sneering, and completely unfunny. Comedians and actors stopped being funny the moment that Saint Obama first entered the White House. Democrats didn’t use to be this awful.

Will Ferrell’s portrayals of President George W. Bush were hilarious and yet good-natured. How many people do you know who still use “misunderestimated” in conversation? Or, “Don’t mess with Texas!” Those phrases are part of the lexicon in America now because everyone was in on the joke and it was all in good fun. President Bush laughed along with us.
Can you remember anything from Alec Baldwin’s venomous and hateful anti-Trump skits? Nobody can because they were awful.

The Democrat Party has gone completely bonkers. They don’t accept election results, they’re humorless and incapable of comedy, and they send their domestic terrorist Antifa shock troops into the streets to attack people wearing MAGA hats with crowbars. Mildly teasing them will cause them to issue death threats against children like Mini AOC. How is America going to survive with adults in one party acting like that over politics?

And contrary to popular belief, it was never about money for Mini AOC and her family. They live in L.A. and they were highlighting the talents and skills of their adorable daughter. They weren’t monetizing their videos. When the family was forced into hiding by insane Democrats, their last act was to set up a GoFundMe account… asking for donations to a children’s hospital.
The Democrats are the ones that are going to have to put this genie back in the bottle.

There are still no elected Democrats who are willing to give a full-throated rebuke to Antifa and other violent lunatics that make up their voting base. And the Democrat Party is definitely not going to like the results if they keep pushing normal Americans like this.

When you examine the entire track record of Americans as a nation, we will only put up with political violence and threats to children like Mini AOC for so long.


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