Democrat House Candidate Calls for Cities to Be Burnt Down

Democrat House Candidate Calls for Cities to Be Burnt Down

The Democrats have always loved siding with scofflaws and the riots have been no different. Now that the mainstream media has decided that the riots are A-OK, the Democrats are taking every opportunity to join in the “fun”. Kim Olson is a Texas Democrat who is currently running for a seat in the House.

You would think that she would watch her tongue, just a little bit. After all, she’s a public figure and it might be a good idea to set some sort of example. She had a video conference that will make many Americans’ blood run cold, though. Olson believes that we should “burn it to the ground”. Does she really believe that or is she trying to pander to her voters?

We are not sure at the moment but it is disturbing to see a Democratic candidate talk like this. It’s not surprising, though. This is the rhetoric that they have allowed to take root in their party. They may have been able to put a stop to the Bernie Sanders threat but his ideas are still running rampant in the party.

No amount of Sleepy Joe moderation is going to change that fact. Does the state of Texas really want these types of people representing them? We are going to go out on a minor limb here and say no. Even if someone supports the general idea behind the riots and protests, it is hard to find too many hard working Americans who believe that everything needs to be burned to the ground.

Democratic House candidate Kim Olson: ‘If people loot, so what? Burn it to the ground’

A leading Democratic candidate in a closely watched House race brushed off looting and arson that occurred during nationwide unrest during protests about racism and police brutality sparked by the death of George Floyd.

“What the hell you got snipers on the roof for in a peaceful march? Even if people loot, so what? Burn it to the ground, you know, if that’s what it’s going to take to fix our nation,” retired Air Force Col. Kim Olson said during a live digital event on Tuesday, shown in a clip obtained by the Washington Examiner.

“I don’t think people want me to say that,” added Olson, a Democratic candidate in Texas’s 24th Congressional District, which covers much of the suburban area in between Fort Worth and Dallas.

Olson, 62, made the comment during a several-minute answer to a question about what she thought about far-left calls to disband or defund police departments.

Politicians are letting themselves get swept up in the hype and they think that they can get votes by leaning into the leftist sentiments that are becoming popular at the moment. Olson is more worried about the snipers on the rooftops than all of the destruction. While she makes a small point when she brings up their presence, those snipers are only there to quell the fears of the populace.

“I don’t think people want me to say that,” she said during the clip and that’s definitely true. We want to fix the nation as much as the next person but how is burning and looting going to do that? It would be nice if one of the Democrats would acknowledge that, instead of saying whatever they think will get them the most likes and shares on social media.

Olson is looking for a seat in the 24th Congressional District of Texas and the comments were made when she was prompted to speak about the potential disbanding of police departments. This Democratic primary race has become an absolute sham. It is full of bottom feeders who are ready to say whatever they have to, in order to get a vote or two.

Extreme, radical behavior is taking place all over the country and people are looking to their elected officials for some small form of comfort. While protests have been taking place over the past few years, these demonstrations have been going on for weeks and there is no end in sight. With so many Americans out of work because of the COVID-19 crisis, it is easy to see why people have the time and energy to keep the protests alive.


The Democratic party is now clinging to any movement that they can find. Relevancy has been hard to come by for the party, especially since they cast their lot with an old codger who can barely walk and chew gum at the same time. If they can get a few moments in the spotlight by claiming that they will disband police departments, they are certainly going to do so.

Anyone who thinks otherwise just doesn’t know the Democrats. We are willing to bet that Olson would be saying something else entirely if she was the one who was forced to deal with these angry mobs. It’s easy to spout leftist rhetoric from the comfort of your suburban home, that is for sure.


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