Democrat House Candidate Calls for Cities to Be Burnt Down

Democrat House Candidate Calls for Cities to Be Burnt Down

The Democrats have always loved siding with scofflaws and the riots have been no different. Now that the mainstream media has decided that the riots are A-OK, the Democrats are taking every opportunity to join in the “fun”. Kim Olson is a Texas Democrat who is currently running for a seat in the House.

You would think that she would watch her tongue, just a little bit. After all, she’s a public figure and it might be a good idea to set some sort of example. She had a video conference that will make many Americans’ blood run cold, though. Olson believes that we should “burn it to the ground”. Does she really believe that or is she trying to pander to her voters?

We are not sure at the moment but it is disturbing to see a Democratic candidate talk like this. It’s not surprising, though. This is the rhetoric that they have allowed to take root in their party. They may have been able to put a stop to the Bernie Sanders threat but his ideas are still running rampant in the party.

No amount of Sleepy Joe moderation is going to change that fact. Does the state of Texas really want these types of people representing them? We are going to go out on a minor limb here and say no. Even if someone supports the general idea behind the riots and protests, it is hard to find too many hard working Americans who believe that everything needs to be burned to the ground.

Democratic House candidate Kim Olson: ‘If people loot, so what? Burn it to the ground’

A leading Democratic candidate in a closely watched House race brushed off looting and arson that occurred during nationwide unrest during protests about racism and police brutality sparked by the death of George Floyd.

“What the hell you got snipers on the roof for in a peaceful march? Even if people loot, so what? Burn it to the ground, you know, if that’s what it’s going to take to fix our nation,” retired Air Force Col. Kim Olson said during a live digital event on Tuesday, shown in a clip obtained by the Washington Examiner.

“I don’t think people want me to say that,” added Olson, a Democratic candidate in Texas’s 24th Congressional District, which covers much of the suburban area in between Fort Worth and Dallas.

Olson, 62, made the comment during a several-minute answer to a question about what she thought about far-left calls to disband or defund police departments.

Politicians are letting themselves get swept up in the hype and they think that they can get votes by leaning into the leftist sentiments that are becoming popular at the moment. Olson is more worried about the snipers on the rooftops than all of the destruction. While she makes a small point when she brings up their presence, those snipers are only there to quell the fears of the populace.

“I don’t think people want me to say that,” she said during the clip and that’s definitely true. We want to fix the nation as much as the next person but how is burning and looting going to do that? It would be nice if one of the Democrats would acknowledge that, instead of saying whatever they think will get them the most likes and shares on social media.

Olson is looking for a seat in the 24th Congressional District of Texas and the comments were made when she was prompted to speak about the potential disbanding of police departments. This Democratic primary race has become an absolute sham. It is full of bottom feeders who are ready to say whatever they have to, in order to get a vote or two.

Extreme, radical behavior is taking place all over the country and people are looking to their elected officials for some small form of comfort. While protests have been taking place over the past few years, these demonstrations have been going on for weeks and there is no end in sight. With so many Americans out of work because of the COVID-19 crisis, it is easy to see why people have the time and energy to keep the protests alive.


The Democratic party is now clinging to any movement that they can find. Relevancy has been hard to come by for the party, especially since they cast their lot with an old codger who can barely walk and chew gum at the same time. If they can get a few moments in the spotlight by claiming that they will disband police departments, they are certainly going to do so.

Anyone who thinks otherwise just doesn’t know the Democrats. We are willing to bet that Olson would be saying something else entirely if she was the one who was forced to deal with these angry mobs. It’s easy to spout leftist rhetoric from the comfort of your suburban home, that is for sure.


57 thoughts on “Democrat House Candidate Calls for Cities to Be Burnt Down

      “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20).

  1. All I have to say is if you vote democrat,american as we know it will be gone.If they do this kind of stuff for power,what do you think there going to do with power.And african americans your being used for the purpose of power the elite liberals WILL kick you to the curb once they get that power.They haven’t done anything for you in 40 years but lip service.DO YOU REALLY THINK THERE GOING TO CHANGE TAKE THE RED PILL YOU HAVE A WAAAAAY BETTER CHANCE OF REAL CHANGE,YOUR BEING BRAINWASH AND THEY KNOW IT’S SOOOOOOOOO EASY.

  2. Any candidate that is as openly approving of the terrorist attacks in our cities is guilty of treason and should be arrested and executed. All the terrorists that have been rioting in the cities with all the killings and looting, need to be treated as the terrorists they are. We have been in Afghanistan for years now fighting terrorists, it’s about time that we started taking them out here. Those who took over the six blocks of Seattle should be bombed out of existence by the military. Then round up the rest in every city and execute them for their crimes of terrorism. Any politician that supports these terrorists should receive the same treatment. Starting with Obama’s and Clinton’s.

  3. Hey, Kim, this is Texas. We abide by the law! We don’t commit arson as you would like. We don’t encourage insurrection as you have done.
    Texans don’t commit treason; we are not traitors.
    Texans are darn proud of our wonderful history.
    The Constitution of the United States is THE BEST government written on paper in the entire history of human civilization.
    This is Texas; not Minnesota; not Taxifornia; not New York. This is Texas and we will be proud to VOTE FOR KIM OLSEN’S REPUBLICAN OPPONENT !!!!

  4. Listening to Kim Olsen, x-military….she said that the proper screening of all applicants for law enforcement should be done…..the same thing goes for all those who desire to be a representative of our Nation which includes her!

  5. Get rid of this skank while you can. It will
    be like having a dose of the clap. The gift that
    keeps on giving.

  6. A little off subject but directly related is the idea that blacks will vote primarily for democrats this election and never realize the reality of what they are all about. Number one, how naïve can you be to believe anything a democrat promises? I believe their plan from way back when was to promise blacks the world in order to secure their support but never giving them anything. All they have to do is continue to blame the republicans for nothing substantial being done and control the media to back their claims. Remember what president Johnson said about control over the black population. Maybe one day they will wake up and reduce the democrat party to obscurity.

    1. TheDems have done a LOT for(?) the black population: They started and OWN the KKK, they started “Planned Parenthood”, and, put sterilization agents in some of the vaccines, and it turnes out, that the Carona-that Nancy Pelosi told you to ignore and “Come on out” seems to be taking more black lives, than others. . ALL had one purpose-shrink your #’s!! Trump has done more for you in 3 2/3 yrs, than all the Dems in history! By the way, the Dems started the Civil War (at THAT time, the south was Democratic) to KEEP you in slavery! A Republican FREED you and another Republican is TRYING to help you!!! IF you vote Dem, you obviously don’t want to be helped or have a job! Tell Dems who are trying to buy your vote, to “take a hike”!!!

    2. You have made the point best – the dems have made slaves of them and use them anyway they can for votes for continued and escalating power. If these immoral legislators would have done what they promised over the years, all Americans would be cheering on the global success of the Trump administration, and they could have fine-tuned any small issues remaining. The dems will take this country down if taxpayers do not join up and get their own plan together to fight these home grown terrorists along with funding organizations like Soros and others. Many of us are ready as we have had enough – action too late will be just that – too late – vote the criminal terroristic legislators, mayors, governors and judges out as they are the breeding ground for this terrorism.

  7. Olson wants to get on with the work of “burn it to the ground.”These are the words of a candidate for the US Congress. “So what if they loot.” I mean, this coming from a person that will, if elected to Congress, lift one hand in the air and swear to uphold the Constitution of the United States and to protect its citizens and rights guaranteed by that Constitution.

    Most of us believe in and honor our Constitution. Apparently, Olson does not. If she really endorses looting and “burn it to the ground” then there is no way she can pledge to uphold the Constitution which clearly states that no person shall be deprived of life, liberty, and property w/o due process of law. If Olson believes that looting and destruction of property as has taken place in our country is consistent with The Bill of Rights contained in the Constitution of the United States, then she is either a communist or severely in need of long term confinement in.a mental health facility.

    I would love the opportunity to ask Olson if her belief concerning looting and burning property would also include her business, home, or car or anything else of value.

    If Texas citizens vote Olson into office they, and we, are in a world of hurt.

  8. Not all Democrats are mean and reckless in their ideas. Some love our country and respect the views of those who do not share the same perspectives but can live respectably in their community. This Democrat expressing this view is dangerous and a bad actor. Beware of him and others like him.

  9. Maybe she would like to offer up her residence and election offices in a ‘training’ video.
    Once that fire is going, put her in a firefighters uniform wih instructions to put it out.

  10. Democrats have caused all of the problems we now have and it is time to vote them all out and we can forever remain the great nation that we are. Democrats will promise everything they can dream of as the carrot you crave but never deliver a one. They take all the revenue they can squeeze out of you. The biggest example is them wanting to restore all those tax breaks Trump delivered. Why? Because that was their money stream into their coffers. They support stuff like Planned Parenthood…why.. because PP stuffs money right back into their pocketbooks and nothing will go to helping anyone they promise to save. They are crooks!

  11. Anarchy? 6-9-20: House candidate Kim Olson (D-Texas) a retired Air Force Col. said during a live digital event on Tuesday, shown in a clip obtained by the Washington Examiner: ‘Disband all police departments, If people loot, so what? Burn it to the ground, if that’s what it’s going to take to fix our nation.”

    Insurrection? 6-10-20: Washington state Governor Jay Inslee (D), told President Trump late Wednesday night to “stay out of Washington state’s business”. Inslee who earlier Wednesday said he did not know that parts of Seattle were occupied by armed anarchists who established a six block area they call the “Capital Hill Autonomous Zone” with armed guards controlling access and shaking down businesses.

    Coup? 6-11-20: Democratic Presidential Candidate ex V.P. Joe Biden calls on Military to Drag Trump Out Of Whitehouse.

    Insurrection? 6-12-20: Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan (D) and Congresswoman Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Seattle) Taunt President Trump Over Armed Anarchist Occupation of the city of Seattle.

    FACT: The President of the United States is legally allowed to invoke Article III, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution, aka: “The Insurrection Act” procuring a suitable recourse for prosecuting treasonous acts against the Republic and which would enable him “to put down Lawlessness, Insurrection, Rebellion and Coup.” It’s high time it be put into use!

    1. thank you for helping to put some of the treasonous actions of our lawmakers into perspective.
      We really do need to get these nut cases out of office. How the hell did they ever get elected anyway? Or, how in hell did they get the democrat party to support them?

      1. If you removed all of the cemetary records out of the public records where there was no access the Dumborats would never win another election of any kind.

  12. Wow I live in Texas and what a nut job. Do that here you may get shot. My guess is she is trying really hard to win reelection. Well let me tell you look like a Dotard. Proud to be a law abiding citizen.

  13. If Kim Olson is elected, I will forever lose respect for Texans.This woman is dangerous and should be arrested for treason.Let her keep talking her garbage and she might get her wish, that her house her property will be looted and burnt down. Wake up Texans this woman is suffering from dementia and is out to destroy you.

  14. I was actually thinking about coming to Texas for a hog hunt. I just saw one that would be a trophy. Anybody know what area she lives lol

  15. Kim Olson is just one of many, many Democrats that are full of hate & anger, and love’s destruction!! Someone asked “How in Hell did she get elected?…….that’s how==IN HELL, because she & other Democrats are following and worshiping Satan!!!!!! AMERICA needs to start taking a firm stand against these deranged people OR we will be living in a HELL ON EARTH !!! AND let’s all pray that the beautiful black people, & the illegals in this country will realize that the only thing they are is a PUPPET for the Democrats to get elected.



  17. No big deal, they should have a cook-in at their homes, no matches needed. The Devil needs no matches just you but they should see the fire when your house goes up first. No problem I am sure Smoke is Smoke and you are Smoke!

  18. So this idiotic old hag, who could easily be confused with Pukelousy, wants to burn down and destroy everything. Since she’s running for congress in Texas, kind of makes me wonder if she’s behind the idea of destroying the Alamo. I have a question for the Texans out there. I always heard “Don’t mess with Texas” so why is this worthless piece of cow crap in your state? Is the other idiot, no guns Beto, still there?

  19. For you democratic voters mark that name down, if you are against anarchy, don’t vote for Kim Olson.

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