Democrats Call Mount Rushmore 4th of July Celebration “Rally Glorifying White Supremacy”

Democrats Call Mount Rushmore 4th of July Celebration “Rally Glorifying White Supremacy”

The Democrats are currently in the process of defying President Trump once again. If he says the sky is blue, they will even find a way to counter that. The president is currently planning to have a 4th of July shindig at Mount Rushmore but they are having none of it. Of course, their tweet decrying the event has already been deleted. They love to throw rocks and hide their hands.

The tweet referred to the Mount Rushmore party as a rally that will supposedly glorify “white supremacy”. The tweet was originally posted from the official Democrats account but it did not last long. Matt Wolking works with the Trump campaign and he took direct aim at the Democrats for the tweet.

He’s mocking their willingness to write off one of the nation’s most powerful monuments as a form of white supremacy. Wolking is not going to be deleting his tweet, though. It is still up and it will remain up. The Democrats could stand to learn a thing or two. Even if we do not agree with their tweets, they should not be taking them down so quickly.

Don’t they want the rest of the leftists to see their latest ramblings? If they keep deleting their tweets like this, no one will ever have the chance to see them. On second thought, maybe that isn’t such a bad idea? All jokes aside, the Mount Rushmore is shaping up to be one of the most important events of the summer.

125,000 ticket requests have already been put in but all of these folks will not be able to attend. A lottery drawing is slated to take place, where 7,500 attendees will be chosen. 25,000 applications were submitted for the tickets, as families all over the country vie for their right to attend. To call it a hotly contested ticket would be a major understatement.

…More than 125,000 tickets were requested for the Fourth of July fireworks at Mount Rushmore, which President Donald Trump is scheduled to attend, officials say.

A total of 25,179 applications requesting a total of 125,787 tickets were submitted to the National Park Service during the lottery for tickets last week, according to the South Dakota Tourism Department. A maximum of 7,500 tickets were available for the fireworks event and the winners of tickets were chosen by a randomized system. People were notified last week if they received tickets…

A randomized system is being used to select the attendees, so everything is on the up and up here. This event is designed to help America ring in the 4th of July in the proper manner but the Democrats would rather use it to further divide the nation. That is all they care about these days.

As for those who have received tickets, they have already been notified. We are willing to bet that most of these folks are keeping that information very close to the vest. After all, it is a hot ticket that everyone wants to get their hands on. We are sure that Trump would have invited everyone who applied, if he had it his way.

The rallies are his way of speaking directly to the American people, without having to rely on the world of Twitter to spread his message. The Democrats would rather rely on Twitter archivists to spread the word for them. This is how they are differentiating themselves from the Republican party and their strategy has become abundantly clear. They are going to pander to the leftists until the cows come home.

Biden is hoping that everyone forgets about his atrocious voting record from a racial standpoint. That’s why he is trying so hard to re-brand himself as the liberal’s politician. No one tell them that he voted in favor of the 1994 crime bill that victimized so many African-Americans. They are definitely not going to want to know about the fact that he voted in favor of segregation either. Yes, you read that last one correctly. He voted IN FAVOR of it!

If the Mount Rushmore celebration ends up pushing some of the frustrated Democrats over to the Republican side, that’s just an added bonus. The celebration is not supposed to be about politics. It’s about coming together as Americans to celebrate all of the things that make this country great. Unfortunately, the Democrats are never able to view things through this sort of prism. They would rather harp on the negatives.


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