Democrats Using Fake Photos to Promote Their Lies

Democrats Using Fake Photos to Promote Their Lies

The dumb Democrats have been caught in another scandal. This past week the Democrats were caught using photos of children in detention centers that were taken when Obama was president. They have since deleted this criminal evidence from Twitter accounts but the damage is already done.

The laughable left has been caught in another lie and this time they cannot get away with it. They were caught trying to lie about the issue of children being kept in cages. This is something that just is not true. However, it was true when they were in power. Obama needs to be prosecuted for such treatment of the children.

President Trump has been working tirelessly to get the Democrats to work with everyone else to solve the issues at the border. The president has had to use executive orders just to improve the mess that Obama left after his time was up in the Oval Office.

In an attempt to drum up support the tweet stated “Last week, members of our committee visited a detention center at the southern border and discovered grotesque treatment of children. This week, we are examining the inhumane treatment of the children in these detention centers.” They are examining their own failures during Obama and his reign of terror on the United States.

This is a laughable moment. The dumb Democrats get caught in a lie and now they are trying to cover up their careless ways. This only proves that the Democratic Party cannot be trusted. What other things have they tried to push off as truth only to find out that the information is years old? Their deceptive ways are going to be their undoing. For years the Democrats have been deceiving people into believing their lies.

It appears that the Democrats have posted several tweets with pictures all of which have tried to use old pictures. They are doing this because there are no pictures to use from the border to show the level of suffering they want people to believe is there. If anything this just goes to show that the conditions at the border right now are still far better than when Obama the careless was in power. The Democrats cannot get away with anything anymore. There are so many people tired of their lies that they are making it their mission to confront every single one of them.

The Oversight Committee’s Civil Rights and Civil Liberties subcommittee is set to have a hearing to go over the issues at the border. Ocasio-Cortez is one of the members that sit on that committee. It stands to reason that she is the dork that screwed up the one job she was assigned to do before the hearing.

There is generally no debate now over the conditions at the border. But the Democrats were the latecomers to the consensus because they have been saying that there was no issue at all at the border. What is up right now for debate is what is the cause of the problem. Everyone knows it is the Democrats and their refusal to do the right thing and tighten up the laws that govern immigration. They want open borders, and they as many illegal aliens in American, so they can continue to win votes.

If President Trump had his way, the issues of overcrowding, bad good, and many other issues would have already been solved. He would have already cleared the centers and sent everyone home. His way of dealing with the border issue is the best and most direct solution to the problem. After months of pushing Congress to get off of their butts and solve the issue, they were able to fail miserably at an attempt to pass a bill that the president would sign. The House would have to settle with a bill from the Senate in order to provide money for the border agents to do their job.

The people in the detention centers actually come from an area of the world where the conditions they left are worse than what they are facing now. Anything from this moment on is heaven to them. Their lot in life is just going to get better as they are admitted access to the country through the loopholes that still need to be filled.


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