Democrats View Joe as a One-Hit-Wonder

Joe Biden has lied to America. He lied about his intentions, he lied about his mental health, and he even lied about his religion.

Americans don’t like liars. Republicans and Democrats alike can agree when it comes to that single fact.

Everyone is already talking about Joe Biden and the possibility of a second term. Although he seemed to be unsure about whether he’d be up to such a thing during the presidential primaries, that has changed. Before the end of his first 100 days, he announced that he’d pursue a second term.

Second terms are for presidents who are capable of running the country, though.

Even if Biden could manage to prove that he has the mental tenacity for a second term, the people would still have to vote to make it happen. And, it appears that even Democrats see Biden as a one-hit-wonder.

A poll conducted by the Trafalgar Group showed that he had a relatively low approval rating. That’s not surprising considering all that’s happening at the southern border as well as in the Middle East. To say that the president is experiencing a hiccup within his administration is an understatement.

Joe Biden was seen as the best choice by Democrats because of his eight years of experience as VP. When a president has experience as a VP as well as a senator, hiccups aren’t expected – especially not the ones of epic proportions that have been seen so early on within this administration.

The poll shed some light on another statistic – that 22.1 percent of Democrat primary voters would be “unlikely” or “very unlikely” to vote for Biden again in 2024.

With that many voters saying no to Biden, it could easily mean a victory for a Republican candidate – especially if the right candidate were chosen.

If Biden can’t clear up the border and all of the other issues that are rearing their ugly head, his approval rating will continue to drop. That will also mean that more primary voters are likely to be unlikely to vote for Biden.

We’ve got a long way to go until 2024. Most presidents start off strong – and Joe Biden is showing that he’s not most presidents.

As much as Biden may be interested in a second term, it’s unlikely that America is interested in him fulfilling such a role. Instead, there may be other Democratic candidates eager to fill the seat – including Kamala Harris, Pete Buttigieg, and even Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

While it’s unlikely that any of them will be the one to make it on the actual presidential ballot, the reality is that Biden’s name won’t be there, either.

We’ve still got a long way to go until 2024, though…and anything can happen.

Now that we know that most Americans…particularly Democrats…view Biden as a one-hit-wonder, will things change?

It’s unlikely that Biden will even last until the end of his term. Either his mental health will require him to step down or his physical health will take a turn for the worse. Or, his attempt to protect his son from yet another questionably ethical debacle will lead to his impeachment.

What does that mean for America? It means that Kamala Harris could end up finishing his term. Should that happen, people will get a feel for what it’s like to have the worst VP in the history of America running the country – and she’ll be even more unlikely to get the vote for a 2024 presidential running.

America is in trouble – we just don’t know for how long. If Biden’s not going to be in office for eight years, we may or may not get everything back to the way things need to be. We also have to wonder just how bad things will get before someone takes action and physically removes Biden from office so that he can stop ruining the economy, public education, and everything else that he touches.


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