Dems Are Politicizing Coronavirus Fears While People Are Dying

President Trump is currently doing everything in his power to make sure that the nation is prepared for the coronavirus outbreak. That is what a president does in these scenarios and it is not necessarily worthy of major praise. On the other hand, the Democrats are doing everything in their power to politicize what is taking place and this is worthy of major scorn.

Democratic lawmakers decided to grab the megaphone that the liberal media willingly handed them. What did they do with their moment in the sun? They used their time to criticize the current administration, of course. Allow us to do our best to look surprised about them choosing to go this route for the 1,000th time.

They believe that Trump is using the crisis to show the American people that he has things under control. He cannot win, no matter what he does. Let’s say that Trump would have decided to undersell the threat and align himself with the experts that are claiming American risks are low.

All we would hear is that he wasn’t actually taking the threat seriously enough. Meanwhile, he does everything he can to help out and now it is turning into him trying to commandeer a tragedy to make himself look better. The liberal media will bend his words in any direction that they need to and they do not care how ridiculous they sound while doing it.

Alex Azar is the Health and Human Services Secretary who is also having his words twisted to meet the insane demands of the liberals. Sure, he may have said that the risk was low but that does not mean that there is zero risk. ABC is irresponsible for playing his clip in an effort to diminish Trump’s words.

Kyra Phillips is the ABC News special correspondent who elected to engage in some good old fashioned fear mongering. When she spoke to a California Democratic representative, the two were in all of their glory. They now had their chance to take every possible potshot at the current administration. That is truly all any of them care about.

These two women sat on live television and said that the administration did not have a plan for dealing with a deadly virus that may affect Americans. Say what you will about Trump. He is not above reproach. The best democracies take place when all citizens feel as if they are able to speak their minds on all topics.

However, it seems pretty ludicrous to tell the world that your own nation does not have a plan for dealing with something that could be this serious. Congress has already been asked for $2.5 billion, so that they can help to head off the threat. You’re not going to believe this but Nancy Pelosi has already come out to say that amount isn’t enough.

Trump is always going to lose in their eyes because that is what the left wants. They would rather see the nation turned into a smoking crater before they admit to the truth: they are blinded by their dislike of the president. The networks went on to criticize other aspects of the Trump presidency that have absolutely nothing to do with what is going on.

All these networks want to do is convince everyone of how bad of a president we supposedly have. They want everyone to be afraid of the coronavirus and they want everyone to blame Trump for not putting a stop to the threat. It’s insane logic to have at a time like this and we pray that we never allow our political biases to overpower our ability to think logically.

It’s like these people seem to think that they are living in a separate America. News flash: if Trump is really that ill prepared for what is taking place, we would all suffer. There are certain moments where people need to be willing to put their personal opinions to the side and this is one of them. There’s no need to politicize every single thing that happens but tell that to the liberal media.

They are not going to stop beating this drum up anytime soon, that is for sure. In the meantime, the rest of us are going to have to head elsewhere if we want to receive real news updates about what is taking place. The major news networks do not have the best interests of the American people at heart and it is sad to see. These networks would rather waste everyone’s time by trying to bash on Trump every single chance that they get.


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