Dems True Agenda: Abolish Freedom of Religion

Dems True Agenda: Abolish Freedom of Religion

Governor Tim Walz is in the midst of his reopening plan and the state of Minnesota is about to enter Phase Three. There has been a great deal of public commentary lately, though. This has caused Walz to start reassessing the plan. Last-minute changes are being made as we speak. His most recent update affects those who are looking to go out to dinner and frequent their favorite eateries.

Meanwhile, those of us who reside in Minnesota and are looking to nourish our souls are out of luck. Restaurants can open their doors, as long as they are providing outdoor patio seating for up to 50 patrons. Meanwhile, churches are being told that they can only allow 10 congregants on the premises, whether they are inside or outside.

Tattoo parlors and hair salons are also opening, albeit on a limited basis. Restaurants are also encouraging patrons and servers to wear masks but we are not sure how that is going to work. How can people be expected to keep their masks on while they are in the process of eating and drinking?

It’s a fool’s errand, for sure. Churches are not being granted the same liberty by this governor and it is clear what the Democrats’ true agenda is here. They want to take away the freedom of religion and that is their sole goal. Religious groups are still being permitted to have drive-in services, at least.

Democratic Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz announced on Wednesday that restaurants will be able to host up to 50 customers in outdoor seating but that churches will still be limited to 10 no matter the setting.

Walz announced several changes to his coronavirus policies that will take effect on June 1, including the limited reopening of hair salons and tattoo parlors. Under the new guidance, restaurants will be able to allow 50 customers to dine in on outdoor patios. Customers and employees are encouraged to wear masks, though it is not clear how customers would wear a mask while eating or drinking in the restaurant.

Churches were not granted more liberty by Walz. Under the policy, indoor and outdoor religious services are still limited to 10 or fewer people. Religious groups can still host drive-up services.

Walz is putting the needs of restaurant owners over the needs of his religious constituents. Anyone who is trying to put a different face on it is lying to themselves. There are some who may try to forgive the behavior by pointing out certain differences between these two settings. Churchgoers are able to wear their masks for the entirety of their church services.

A diner is not going to be able to keep their mask on while they eat. That’s what makes all of this so silly to us. Restaurants are also going to have to sanitize their silverware and dining areas on a far more regular basis. Church services do not take place as frequently. Walz is not considering these simple facts when he is making these sorts of rules.

Small business owners need to be considered when these decisions are made and that is understandable. Where is the consideration for those who are looking to worship as they see fit, though? That’s the question that Democratic governors like Walz are unwilling or unable to answer.

When those points were raised to him, he did not have very much to say about the matter. Once he decided to get more in-depth about the matter, we are not going to lie to you. There were some Joe Biden vibes going on. It’s like these men start a sentence without knowing exactly where it is going to go. With any luck, they are able to stumble into something resembling a coherent thought along the way.

Walz said something about the “predictability” of knowing who is going to show up for a service and when. He tried to make it seem like this was reason enough to continue with the usual social distancing tactics. On the other hand, those who are looking to resume their normal worship are wondering why predictability is a bad thing.

Wouldn’t this make it easier for churches to have services? Contact tracing is definitely much easier in a church setting because everyone knows everyone. If churches already have a calling list in place for other reasons, they can tap into this information if need be. Walz even claimed that he is going to be fixing the issue but he did not provide any sort of additional information on the topic.

He is crossing his fingers and hoping that this issue resolves itself. When the religious citizens of Minnesota are engaging in various protests, he cannot feign shock. Nothing is going to get better in this state until he starts taking the time to consider the needs of everyone. All he is doing right now is pandering to the small business owners, in hopes of getting their votes the next time around.

It’s clear as day to see and we understand why the religious right feels shafted. They want to get back to normal, too. Once phase four of the plan arrives, churches will be able to increase their attendance numbers. There is just one question that needs to be answered here. Are people going to be willing to wait that long? For Governor Walz’ sake, we hope that the answer to this question is a resounding yes.


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