DeSantis Gets Real on Fearful Liberals and COVID-19

Ron DeSantis is one of the most respected governors in the country because of the way he handles the liberals and the policies that he has made to protect Floridians from the Democrats. He does not play nice with the nasty liberals because they are in business to drink the blood of their enemies. They hate conservatives so much that they are willing to attack wherever they can.

The Democrats at all levels of government love to control people. The pandemic gave them the perfect cover to push their way into the private lives of people. They told people to mask up and stay home in order to keep from becoming infected with the virus. But the virus is no longer the threat it once was, so there is no reason to keep pushing terror on people.

DeSantis is sick and tired of the way the liberals are attacking people. He has signed an executive order that shuts down all the liberal rules that are locally in place in the state. The nutty liberals have no choice but to return to normal in the state of Florida.

One report stated that “Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) on Monday signed an executive order to end all local emergency orders relating to COVID-19, effectively halting enforcement of restrictions across the state.”

The governor has concluded that the liberal mandates are destroying people’s “confidence” in the vaccines that were supposed to be the end-all cure and death of the virus. The older adults in the state have all been vaccinated. They are protected, so now it is time to get on with life and stop being afraid.

The liberals still believe that variants will push the numbers back into the high categories. But 38 percent of the population have received the shot, which is making the numbers fall. The Democrats will say just about anything to keep their power over people, but DeSantis has put a stop to their pandemic pandering.

The Floridian governor knows the playbook that the Democrats use. The lockdown rules would have continued long into the future in the liberal parts of the state if he did not intervene.

There is no way to put the virus to death completely. And there certainly is no way to control the risk that affects people. Insurance policies and vaccinations can only take one so far before assuming the rest of the risk.

To live in fear is to live in Biden’s basement with him. Life will go on whether or not people decide to engage in life again. The issue that the liberals have with freedom keeps them from letting people move on with their lives. They do not want to give up the control that they have because of the virus. So they invent lies to scare people into compliance.

One example of the lies that the liberals tell is found in the words of the mayor of St. Peterburg, Florida. He claims that his successes are unique, and DeSantis would never have thought up those ideas. He stated, “To be clear, cities like St. Pete, Tampa, Orlando, Miami and Miami Beach, saved Florida and the governor’s behind throughout this pandemic. Can you imagine if each city had been led by Ron DeSantis? How many lives would have been lost? What would our economy look like today?”

His claim is unsupported and has no data to back it up. DeSantis has tons of data to back up his claims of success and witnesses to provide testimony. But the liberal mayor has nothing but the leftovers that DeSantis gives him.

The only reason the liberal mayor can claim success is that he leads in a Republican state. The liberals ruling in blue states are losing battles and people because nothing seems to be working in their lopsided approach.

DeSantis knows that the insanity cannot continue if things are ever going to get back to normal. The liberals have not proven themselves reliable and truthful. The Republicans are the only group in power that tells the truth and can be trusted to do what is in the people’s best interests.


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