Did the White House Order to Defy Subpoenas?

Did the White House Order to Defy Subpoenas?

The House is up to their old tricks again by issuing subpoenas seeking information about President Trump. The House still has not relented on their quest to find something with the President that they can bring him down with.

In response to the new round of subpoenas this week, the White House has instructed two people that worked as aides to ignore the requests that were coming from the House Judiciary Committee.

Hope Hicks, who was the White House Communications Director, has actually turned over some documents for the House to review. The documents go into details about Hick’s service while working on the Trump campaign in 2016.

Nadler was quick to praise the move and considered it a gesture of goodwill. The documents are being examined in an attempt to find anything that the President did that was illegal during the 2016 election period.

Nadler has stated, “The president has no lawful basis for preventing these witnesses from complying with our request. We will continue to seek reasonable accommodation on these and all our discovery requests and intend to press these issues when we obtain the testimony of both Ms. Hicks and Ms. Donaldson.”

Pat Cipollone, who serves as the White House counsel, let the House know that the White House has advised the two people not to submit to the requests of the House Judiciary Committee.

He goes to say about the two people that they “do not have the legal right to disclose the White House records to third parties.”

It would not be a good thing for any records to be released until the negotiations between the branches of government are finished regarding the Mueller investigation.

The President has made it clear that he will not release any documents to the committee regarding their requests.

The House committee is looking for anything that is related to the President obstructing the FBI’s case as they investigated Russia for their part in the 2016 election.

Ms. Hicks has handed documents over the committee in the past but nothing was found to be relevant with what she provided the committee.

At the time of Hick’s initial cooperation a year ago, Adam Schiff, who is a Representative of California, stated that her help was not what they were looking for.

He has also stated, “The committee must issue a subpoena and, if necessary, more to initiate contempt proceedings to compel the White House to permit Hicks to testify to Congress fully and without constraints.”

The current subpoenas were handed down a few weeks ago and it is just now that at least one is cooperating with the requests. For those that are not testifying and complying with the subpoenas, the House is pursuing civil action against them.

Even though White House officials are safe from having to provide testimony to Congress. The very fact that the House is issuing these subpoenas to White House officials when they do not have to testify is beyond reason.

The latest accusation against the President is that he is covering something up. The Democrats are claiming this because he is refusing to submit to their inquiries.

The President has seen through their made-up accusations and will not play along with their actions. He has a country to run, and he is doing a very good job.

What this all really boils down to is the House is trying to stage their own investigation into the President because they did not get the verdict that they wanted.

The Democratic House wants all the documents, so they can formulate a verdict that is biased and unfavorable to the President.

The reason Mueller was chosen to do the investigation in the first place is that he was a third party person with no bias toward anyone or thing involved. But when one side does not get what they want, they are bound to try anything to change the outcome.

These actions of the Democratic House will be their undoing in the next election.

The majority of the voters of the United States are tired of their actions and want them removed from office as soon as possible.

The people of the country want representatives that are actually going to do the job they were elected to do and not whatever they want to do.


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