Disgusting Ocasio-Cortez Slams Straight People for Being Proud

Disgusting Ocasio-Cortez Slams Straight People for Being Proud

The minority always has the goal of wanting to be heard by people to make a difference. When rallies are planned there is usually a second group that will show up and is the voice of opposition. There is usually not a problem unless someone does something to make the other group upset and that is what wormy Ocasio-Cortez has done. Instead of keeping her big mouth shut and letting people practice their right to free speech she openly slammed a “Straight Pride” rally that took place in Boston over the weekend.

This sorry excuse for a politician is all about the minority being able to voice their opinions but as soon as the opposition arrives she wants them all silenced. Wormy Ocasio-Cortez is the full embodiment of pharisaical hypocrisy to the modern-day person. She is all about the popularity and silencing her opposition with death threats and brute force. She called the rally an “I-Struggle-With-Masculinity” parade. Representatives should support both the majority and the minority. Instead, she likes to bash people of color and barf all over people that she does not agree with.

Instead of focusing on who was there she was all determined to see who was not there. She mentioned that there was a lack of women at the rally. The truth of the matter is that there women at the rally. She just didn’t want to admit the truth that some women were able to make it to the rally. But she would have never shown up at the rally because it seems to have been beneath her. She talks big threatening words on Twitter but can’t come and talk to the people face to face as she should as a politician.

The rally was met with some protestors that turned violent against those demonstrating their views. The loony left and the sad Democratic Party seem to get violent when they are unable to debate logically with those that they hate. The loony left resorted to name-calling once again calling the protestors homophobic. Once the name-calling had stopped the loony left resorted to physical harm to the rally attenders. The Boston police department arrested nearly three dozen loony left haters. Four police officers suffered an injury at the hands of the loony left.

The Democratic Party and their crazy followers are the true terrorist organization that needs to be destroyed. They don’t have a reasonable bone in their body when it comes to working out the differences between opposing views. They would rather beat the other side into accepting their views instead of just living peaceably. The devilish Democratic party has forgotten that opposing views are healthy for a nation and actually can benefit both sides as long as they are willing to work together.

The crazy left protestor of the rally hid behind masks and scarves to keep from being identified as they attacked the rally attenders. The participants of the rally were also pro-Trump. Instead of peaceful debate, the freeloaders of the Democratic party sought to inflict harm on these peaceful rally demonstrators.

Sadly those that attacked the demonstrators believe that they should be able to promote their homosexual views but those that belief being straight is the right way to live cannot demonstrate their views. This is nothing more than socialism in action. Kill the opposing view and the other side will control a nation. The idiot Ayanna Pressley who is the representative of Boston branded the group as a hate group. Her inability to work with both sides of the issue proves how hateful and destructive the Democratic Party has become.

The Boston Police Department should not have had to come out and put their safety on the line because of a bunch of crybaby Democrats that just cannot stand it when a group opposes their socialist views. It is time for the Democrats to be seen as the enemy of the country and deported to another area of the world where they can live their socialist utopia and where the world can see it fall into chaos and fail.


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