Do Americans Really Think Corona Is Causing the Coronavirus?

Do Americans Really Think Corona Is Causing the Coronavirus?

The coronavirus is spreading like wildfire, a recent virus that was discovered in China. While it would seem as though it has absolutely nothing to do with the Mexican beer served with a lime wedge, it appears that many are confused.

The alarming number of Google searches being conducted that include “Corona beer virus” and “beer virus” are on the rise. This means that Americans are actually associating with the bottles of beer with the deadly virus.

The number of Google searches skyrocketed following the National Health Commission of China confirming that there were human-to-human transmissions of the coronavirus occurring – and this took place on January 20. January 21, the World Health Organization scheduled an emergency meeting to determine if it was enough to declare the outbreak as a public health emergency.

It’s normal for there to be some misconceptions as to how a virus started and how it’s being spread. However, the use of “Corona” in the name of the virus has many people thinking that it has something to do with the beer.

Many people are asking questions.

Some suggest that Americans are smarter than that and Google is actually auto-completing the search results when people start to enter a term, such as Corona.

Why even name the virus the Coronavirus? Wouldn’t that be confusing?

Scientists aren’t always up on the latest trends, especially when it comes to drinking and partying.

Let’s start with a quick Latin lesson to identify that “corona” means crown. The family of viruses have spikes on their surfaces, so they look like crowns. As such, it seemed only sensible for scientists to tap into their Latin and call it the coronavirus. Clearly, they wouldn’t have thought that it would be confused with a beer.

The beer dates back to 1925, so it’s been around a lot longer than the virus.

Most of the searches show that people want more information. To clear things up, it cannot be contracted by drinking Corona. The virus itself is available in a number of different strains. Some of the strains can result in upper respiratory illnesses with symptoms that are similar to a cold. However, there is also the SARS coronavirus that, according to WHO, kills up to 50% of the people who are infected by it. With the newest strain from 2019, the CDC has estimated that there have already been at least 170 deaths with over 7700 people infected. To put that into perspective, however, flu season has killed at least 8000 people in the 2019-20 season in the United States alone.

As for how the virus is spread, respiratory droplets are responsible. If a person coughs or sneezes, the virus-filled droplets land on an object or float into the air. Touching these droplets can result in transmitting the virus. Scientists are suggesting that an infectious person has the ability to infect an average of 1 to 3 additional people. It is also suggested that the virus began in snakes and jumped to humans over time. It wouldn’t be the first time that a disease originated with animals and made the jump, either.

WHO and CDC are working to get the word out to Americans as well as the rest of the world about the dangers of the coronavirus and how to prevent it from spreading. Those who have flu-like symptoms should seek out medical attention immediately. Meanwhile, social media is doing what it does best – spreading lies and misinformation.

Memes have been making their way around Facebook to imply that Corona beer and the coronavirus have the same origins. The majority of the cases of the viral infection have been taking place in Wuhan, China. As people exposed to the infection travel, it’s showing up elsewhere. As for whether it will impact Corona sales too dramatically, that is a “wait and see” kind of situation as more people learn about the virus and make the incorrect jump to think that it has anything to do with the beer.

It’s been less than two weeks since the WHO made the announcement. Right now, more people are concerned about buying face masks than they are giving up their favorite Mexican beer. And with so many Dems who are willing to believe anything that the media shoves in front of them, it’s very possible that people will trade in their Coronas for something that doesn’t share the name as a deadly virus that is responsible for killing hundreds.



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