Do Transgender Detainees Get a Free Pass?

Do Transgender Detainees Get a Free Pass?

House Democrats make all sorts of demands that don’t make sense. They’ve made it clear that they’d rather have open borders than to allow ICE to do their job. Now, they’re making even more ridiculous demands.

They want ICE to release the transgender detainees at the border because they’re “vulnerable” to abuse. What’s even more of a joke is that the Dems say that ICE is “legally obligated” to release the detainees.

What does being transgender have anything to do with breaking the law? Regardless of a person’s sexual orientation or what gender they believe themselves to be, they are being detained because they entered the country illegally.

The Hill has obtained a letter to say that the House will soon be calling on Immigration and Customs Enforcement to release detainees who are transgender. Why? Well, those migrants are subject to different types of abuse.

Representative Mike Quigley (D-Illinois) is the one behind the initiative to release the transgender detainees. He has announced that those of transgender orientation are “particularly vulnerable” to physical assault, medical neglect, sexual harassment, and solitary confinement. He identifies that these are “inhumane” conditions and that the evidence is present in the reports and accounts by people who were formally detained.

The Dems feel that they have a case because of a 2015 ICE memorandum that addresses the care of transgender detainees. ICE is told to consider placing transgender detainees in facilities that can accommodate people of this nature more effectively. They also talk about a DHS appropriations bill that tells ICE to limit the detention of individuals to such facilities.

Quigley, in his deranged thought process that only Dems are capable of, feels that this means that transgenders in detention are therefore subject to release. He writes that no facility has entered into a contract modification that is pursuant to the memo.

According to an estimate from the National Center for Transgender Equality, there are between 15,000 and 50,000 illegal immigrants of a transgender persuasion living in the United States. With another report stating that approximately 0.5 percent of the population in the US identify as transgender, the estimate seems to be extremely high.

Just because a person is transgender doesn’t mean that they get automatically released into the community. They still broke the law. They may have escaped their home country because of threat of persecution but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have to follow the rules for seeking asylum. The rules are the rules regardless of how a person perceives themselves. They could identify as an American citizen but that doesn’t give them the right to simply bypass immigration laws.

The memo that Quigley wants to use for his initiative doesn’t even support his case. It simply says that ICE can move the transgender detainees to a special facility that is better equipped at dealing with such people. That means that they’re still being detained, just in a different facility. It doesn’t mean that they’re suddenly allowed to be released and given a free pass because they broke the rules.

Why is it that the Dems continue to believe that illegal immigrants should have more rights when they break the law than actual American citizens? There are transgender individuals in state and federal prisons being abused and harassed daily. Where are the Dems to demand that they be released? Oh, but they broke the law so they get what they have coming to them. Entering the country without a visa or a passport is illegal, too. It’s breaking immigration laws. However, that’s not good enough for the Dems. Their bleeding hearts are costing the country billions of dollars to deal with illegal immigrants.

Whether a person is transgender or not, they have to deal with the fact that they broke the law. Quigley’s initiative is likely not going to get far simply because ICE can move the detainees to a different facility so that they can continue to be detained. Saying that you identify as a different gender is not a good enough reason to get a free pass – and if the Dems were capable of thinking anything through rationally, they would see this.

Quigley doesn’t seem to have any bipartisan support, which isn’t surprising. It’s another reason why the demands from the House are likely not going to go very far. He can demand anything he wants but ICE isn’t going to release thousands into the community simply because they identify as a different gender than what they really are.


Dems Want to Help Transgender Detainees

Rough is What Happens When You Break Immigration Laws

The Dems want to help all of the transgender detainees that are at the border because it’s been really hard on them. However, that’s no reason to give them a free pass and allow them into the United States. They should have thought about that before crossing into the country illegally.

By offering a free pass, it sets an unfair precedent. Further, what’s to say countless detainees won’t decide that they, too, are transgender?

Find out more about how the Dems want to help all of the transgender detainees.


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