Does Buttigieg Finally Have The Black Vote?

Does Buttigieg Finally Have The Black Vote?

Pete Buttigieg is one of the Democratic presidential candidates that has been rising in the polls. However, his one problem has been getting the black voters to see him as a real contender. While it might have to do with his homosexuality, many say that they simply think that he’s too young.

He may finally be gaining the traction, particularly with his newest ad that is airing across South Carolina.

South Carolina is where he really needs to make things happen – and he’s outspending all of his opponents in this state, too.

To make sure that he’s getting more of the African American population in South Carolina to look his way, his newest TV ad features some of the black residents in his hometown of South Bend, Indiana. The ad highlights some of the positive relationships that he has as a way to make that oh-so-important connection.

There are a total of four TV spots that the Buttigieg campaign will be running, starting on Tuesday. The ads will be running in all of the early primary and caucus states. In addition to South Carolina, he’ll be seen on the airwaves of Iowa, Nevada, and New Hampshire.

Buttigieg’s been hitting the TV ads sooner than a lot of his opponents – weeks before Biden, Sanders, and Warren.

One of the biggest problems that the presidential candidate has to deal with is that he is still seen as a newcomer. Many on the City Council of South Bend said that he should have waited for another four or eight years before trying to run for president. Additionally, many of the African-American members of his City Council has said that he has been struggling with the black vote all along – he simply cannot make the connection. Meanwhile, his TV ads show a very different side of things, so who is right?

South Bend hasn’t had the best reputation. If Buttigieg can’t manage things as a mayor, how can he possibly manage things as president? It’s unusual for a mayor, especially of a small town, to run for president. He doesn’t have the experience as a governor, a senator, or a representative – and his political experience has been called into question on more than one occasion. It’s something that he brushes off, which is only natural because it’s not like he can promote experience that he simply doesn’t have.

Many want to make it into a big deal that he’s homosexual to say that’s why he doesn’t have the black vote. However, that’s not really it at all. It’s his lack of experience.

Meanwhile, the TV ad that features some of the black South Bend residents talk about Buttigieg’s leadership skills in a time when the economy is in a downturn. One says he’s been “accessible” while another says that he’s “listened to the community.” There’s also a comment about him being “Light-years” ahead of politicians who have been in the game for “many, many years.”

So, are black South Bend residents telling us that he’s light-years ahead of other politicians supposed to make us want to connect with him? Are we supposed to forget about the fact that he doesn’t have much experience in politics or the business world? Trump wasn’t a politician, either, but his self-made billionaire status showed us that he knew how to turn the economy around.

Advertising Analytics has estimated that the South Bend Mayor has spent over $700,000 on TV ads solely in the state of South Carolina. Airtime has been booked all the way through the February 29 primary. Meanwhile, all of his top rivals haven’t even begun TV advertising in the state yet. Most of the other candidates are spending money in Iowa.

If Buttigieg wants any chance of winning the DNC nomination, he needs to make sure that he gets more of the vote from African-Americans. Although he’s been working to appeal to black voters, recent surveys show that he is polling at around 2% among all black voters – and that simply isn’t enough. It wouldn’t be surprising if he exits as soon as the February 29 polls are over if he doesn’t win the state of South Carolina. If he can’t win in a state where he has been hitting it sooner and harder than anyone else, there’s no way that he will be able to get the rest of the country.

It’s been a nice thought to include some members of the South Bend community into his ads, but it’s simply not enough to make people look the other way on his lack of experience.



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