Does Google Have A Political Agenda To Hurt Trump?

Does Google Have A Political Agenda To Hurt Trump?

Google has been accused of a lot of things over the years, ranging from being a monopoly to not allowing entrepreneurs to compete effectively. It’s now possible that they have been infusing their own political agenda into products to prevent Trump from being reelected in 2020.

Their Political Agenda

While the company says that they are being “fair,” there are a lot of things in place that would say otherwise. They focus on promoting their political worldview. They also raise the voice of those who are aligned with their worldview at the expense of those who are in opposition.

A variety of internal documents, employees choosing to speak out, and information caught by Project Veritas has proven that their political agenda is in place.

According to one Google employee, they are a highly biased political machine. They are also focused on making sure that someone like Donald Trump never gets into a position of power again.

Google’s Power

Some question whether Google has the power that others claim that they do. They are the largest Internet company in the world with around 100,000 employees. They also bring in annual revenue of more than $130 billion.

They are no stranger to being accused of political movements, either. Plenty of accusations have come their way regarding how politics have been channeled into their products as a result of their predominantly left-leaning workforce. The company, however, has repeatedly denied these accusations.

Google is currently being depicted as a company that has been working hard to tilt the political skills since the 2016 election took place. As one insider claims, Donald Trump’s win in 2016 caused the company to do a complete 180 in terms of what they thought was important.

Google once had values of self-expression and making sure that everyone had a voice. Now, they are looking to fix hate, misogyny, and racism because they blame Trump’s success on those things.

The head of Google’s Responsible Innovation Department, Jen Gennai, was caught on hidden camera via Project Veritas reporter a few weeks ago. She talked about getting screwed over in 2016, how everyone got screwed over, and how they can prevent it from happening again.

There’s a Trust and Safety team in place at Google, too. The 2020 presidential election is “top of mind” for the team, according to Gennai.

The biggest problem with all of this is that most users consider Google to be an objective source of information. Google has not disclosed any of its left-leaning ways towards its users.

Is Google fair?

One internal document suggests that users become programmed to certain worldviews. This is because of Google’s belief that filtering, aggregating, ranking, and generating media through its products help with the programming.

The internal document also identifies how Google focuses on “helping society” reach a fair and equitable state. They do this with broader corporate responsibility efforts as well as product intervention.

There is also something to be said about algorithmic unfairness, however. This type of unfairness is for judicial or unjust treatment related to sensitive characteristics that would include sexual orientation, income, race, or gender.

In theory, this would make it seem as though Google is trying to make sure that the search engines treat everyone fairly. The problem is that Gennai explains that her job was to make it “fair” for only certain people. This was based on whether Google deems a particular group sufficiently marginalized.

Gennai was recorded as saying that she defines fairness and bias for those who are historically marginalized. She isn’t solving fairness for those who are in power or who have traditionally been in power.

The Political Agenda, Revisited

The algorithms that Google uses are being trained, including using an initiative known as ML fairness where machine learning is utilized. Google software engineer, Gaurav Gite, was recorded to describe this initiative. Essentially, it means that they are training the algorithms in order to produce results that reflect the company’s political views.

Google is working hard to use the fairness algorithm as a way to manipulate search results. They are adding bias to their algorithms so that people see what Google wants them to see. It gives them the preferred worldview as opposed to one that isn’t weighed heavily on one side or another.

Many people use Google because they assume it’s fair. Even when they type in words in the search engine, suggestions are made. This isn’t because they are the most popular phrases but what Google deems as “fair” to be shown to people.

With Google being a left-leaning company that is using their search engine to push their political agenda, it should be disclosed to all users as such.


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