DOJ Determines Dems Are Harassing Trump Over Personal Finances

DOJ Determines Dems Are Harassing Trump Over Personal Finances

The Democrats have done nothing but harass President Trump since taking office. They have shown that they are being petty around every turn simply because they didn’t get their way. Hillary Clinton did not become president, so they are going to take it out on Trump, making it difficult for him to do his job in any capacity.

The level of harassment has been overwhelming. President Trump has been more than forthcoming with information, though, there is a limit to everything. He has already shared tax returns, which was done as soon as he took office in 2016. He has already donated every penny of his salary since taking office, too. Each month, he contributes to a different charity. That’s not enough for the Dems, however. They are out for blood and The Department of Justice has said enough is enough.

Now, the Dems want to see personal income from Donald Trump. This is when the DOJ has stepped in to identify that it is harassment.

What the Dems Want to See

The House Democrats want to see the president’s personal finances. However, the Justice Department is arguing that there isn’t a clear “legislative purpose“ to doing so. Realistically, all they want is something to hold over his head. This is when they have suggested that the Democrats are actually harassing Trump as opposed to working through sufficient legislate.

Justice Department lawyers filed a 30-page submission to the US Court of Appeals to block congressional Democrats from accessing financial information belonging to Trump. The lawyers say that it is impermissible. This is the first time that the Trump administration is creating any block for personal information, and it’s for good reason. Trump’s personal attorneys, as well as those belonging to the Justice Department, believe that the house Dems have finally crossed a line that needs to be drawn once and for all.

Why it’s Harassment

Making a congressional demand for personal records identifies that the legislative branch is able to interfere with or harass the head of the executive branch. Since the house Democrats who are requesting the information have been unable to identify what the purpose for that information is, it is seen as harassment. Nothing they could obtain from those reports would be of any benefit to them. He has already been sworn into office and has been doing his job for several years now. Requesting this mid-term when they are clearly on a witchhunt for impeachment is not grounds for releasing the data. It’s harassment and it’s not being accepted.

Enough is Enough

The problem is that if the Democrats have done nothing to hide the fact that they are out for blood. At no point have they tried to be coy about it. Everything they have done has proven that they don’t like the president and they’ll do anything they can in order to find dirt. The reality is that there is no dirt to find, and they are going to have to deal with the fact that he is president.

The Democrats have been pushing the envelope for a while. They are asking for more and more information and trying to do research and investigations that they aren’t entitled to do. They would be up in arms if the GOP asked one of their candidates for personal information beyond tax returns. However, because it is Trump, they feel entitled because of their personal hatred for the man is blinding. Luckily for Trump, blinding hatred isn’t enough of a reason to release personal records. He is right to hold strong, and the Trump administration is putting an end to things.

With the Department of Justice stepping in, it shows that Trump is garnering support throughout Capitol Hill. With two teams of lawyers working to block the information, the Democrats are not going to be able to get their way. Once they have been officially blocked from receiving the information, they may get the hint that they are not allowed to conduct investigations beyond their control. They are acting like spoiled children, stomping their feet in an effort to get their way. Even when impeachment is so limited to a possibility, they can’t seem to give up.

If they were to get this information, where does the line get drawn? How many investigations are they allowed to conduct into the president’s personal business without being told “no.“ The Dems need to learn a valuable lesson, and it looks like the Department of Justice is ready to teach it to them.


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