Durham Is Narrowing in on Conspiracy Charge Against FBI Liars

Durham Is Narrowing in on Conspiracy Charge Against FBI Liars

Former United States Attorney Joe diGenova recently made an appearance on Howie Carr’s program and the inside information that he had to offer garnered a lot of attention. He was speaking out about the case that is being made against General Flynn. The government tried to stage a coup, in hopes of removing President Trump from power.

They were not successful and now everyone involved is looking to cover up their tracks. The bombshells that were dropped during this appearance were numerous and we cannot get over the information that we heard. If you would like to get right into the best bits of the interview, be sure to fast forward to the 5:30 mark.

The Durham investigation is now taking place and diGenova says that those who were involved in the case will be facing penalties. Durham is building a case against anyone who lied in a court of law and they will be facing various charges. He plans on building a conspiracy case and going after a number of parties for obstruction of justice.

Durham is trying his best to paint a picture of what is about to happen. These acts are going to be referred to as “overt acts in a conspiracy”. The United States government was defrauded by these charlatans and they are also responsible for the denial of the president’s civil rights. Flynn’s civil rights were also denied during this investigation.

The next bombshell is located at the 8:55 mark. diGenova says that the American government was working very hard to frame General Flynn. James Baker is the former General Counsel and he has since flipped. He’s now working alongside Durham. He has decided to cooperate because he is facing a wide range of criminal charges for the role that he has played in these proceedings.

Some incriminating notes were discovered. diGenova is quick to note that Dana Boente and FBI director Chris Wray did not want them to be sent over. Once you reach the 10:30 mark of the interview, you’ll also find out more about the disintegrating case. The Mueller team is currently experiencing a sizable amount of difficulty.

Their attempts at framing General Flynn have not panned out as they would have hoped, even with assistance from the Deep State operatives who are clearly fueling the case. The Mueller team knew that they did not have a case against Flynn and that is why they forced him to plead guilty. They were also threatening the general’s son with an indictment of his own.

Any parent would have done the same thing if they had found themselves in Flynn’s case. How could any parent allow their child to be indicted over something that they know they did not do? Luckily, the truth is finally coming to light and we hope that all parties involved get their just desserts.

A status hearing took place before the Flynn sentencing date and the judge who was responsible for overseeing the case decided to lose their mind entirely. Can you believe that this man was actually accused of treason? It’s like words do not even have meanings anymore. People just say whatever they want and work backwards to find the necessary justifications.

The comments from Judge Emmet Sullivan are referred to as “awful” during this interview and we must admit that we agree 100 percent. deGenova goes to explain his analysis of the judge’s comments and why he considered them to be so stupid. He found that the judge in question was actually parroting all of their ideas from Rachel Maddow’s show.

We always knew that these people were unable to think for themselves but now we finally have the proof and it is a satisfying feeling. On the other hand, this news is terrifying. Our nation’s judges are watching leftist television programs and taking their marching orders from them. This is scary stuff and we hope that the lid is blown off this conspiracy.

The American people deserve to know what is taking place and if they are not going to be given the proper information, it is up to patriots like this man to tell them. In deGenova’s opinion, this judge might be sick or ready for retirement. It’s an assessment that we are not going to argue with.

If you would like to learn more about all of these bombshells, the interview is a fascinating listen. We just hope that the crooks who are responsible for this entire mess are dealt with in a prompt manner. They cannot continue to keep getting away with this type of stuff over and over again.


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