Elon Musk Urges to Break up Amazon Over Censorship of COVID-19 Book

Elon Musk Urges to Break up Amazon Over Censorship of COVID-19 Book

Alex Berenson, ex-New York Times reporter, recently tweeted that Amazon was actively censoring and refusing to publish his latest book. Unpublished Truths About COVID-19 and Lockdowns is based on scientific evidence and published government data. Berenson went on to say that the book was not trying to diminish the severity of the novel coronavirus or its death toll.

That did not mean much to Amazon. They have still decided to censor his book, even after being told the true story behind it. Alex was sure to point out the hypocrisy that is taking place at Amazon at the moment, too. They were willing to censor him but they are also willing to sell a number of books that seem to go against the rules that they made to punish Alex.

The Unabomber Manifesto and the Anarchist Cookbook are still readily available and we are wondering when these books are going to be removed. Since Amazon is claiming to care so much about the information that they are presenting, these books should probably get taken down as well. It’s not about the information, though, it’s about adhering to a certain media narrative.

The company is also responsible for publishing books that offer positive information about pedophilia. Meanwhile, this man’s well researched book is being kept from the person. The company was not even willing to disclose the guidelines, so that Alex could make changes as needed. It seems like they are simply trying to shut down anything that goes against their predetermined narratives.

Amazon has made massive gains during the lockdown, as more and more people are forced to turn to online services as a means of getting their hands on crucial items. Instead of allowing information to spread, they are flexing their muscles and doing everything in their power to put a stop to helpful booklets like this one.

We could understand if Alex was perpetrating harmful narratives. Amazon is merely looking to expand their share of the United States book market and they do not care what strong arm tactics are needed to reach that goal. Elon Musk decided that he needed to weigh in on this argument and anyone who knows where he lands on these things will not be surprised.

He tweeted Jeff Bezos and let him know that is time to break up the company. He believes that this an assault on free speech and we are inclined to agree with him. There’s no reason for Amazon to be making these types of decisions. Leftist tech giants like these are working overtime to remove free speech from American life and we hope that someone is able to put a stop to it.

Who wants to live in a world where Amazon is able to decide what we can and cannot say? This is not an America that anyone should want to live in. We are happy to report that Amazon came to their senses eventually. Who knows what forced them to change their mind? Maybe it was Musk, maybe it was the prospect of widespread media backlash to their awful decision.

Either way, we love to see it. Social media is more useful than most people realize. Way back when, a company had the ability to make terrible choices and shield themselves from public criticism. Nowadays, the calculus is much different. As soon as a company like Amazon steps in it, they are forced to offer up a response that meets the needs of the people who are bothered.

Let’s all keep fighting the good fight against these companies, so that they cannot take away our right to free speech. It’s a never ending battle but we are ready for it. Having a comrade like Elon Musk during a time like this means the world to us. We hope that more prominent folks like him are ready to speak up about the injustices that authors like Alex are facing.


29 thoughts on “Elon Musk Urges to Break up Amazon Over Censorship of COVID-19 Book

    1. I applaud Alex for his book and further applaud Elon for stepping out in the face of the narratives to support the freedom of speech that may not align itself to Amazon’s easily perceived self-serving perpetuation of Covid-19,… after all,.. business is quite good for Amazon with the current pandemic,.. the problem is,.. as more and more businesses let employees go,.. less and less customers will have the income to continue buying anything from Amazon (or elsewhere) regardless of whether free shipping is provided or not,.. and if there happens to be a political agenda,.. even opportunistic as it may be spun,… any party that participates should be permanently disbanded. These are American lives and livelihoods,.. real people, real families, real lives,… those elite individuals would not be where they are without support from the masses,… who will buy their product if no’one has an income,.. guaranteed a socialist government won’t be paying top dollar for your products or services …

      1. Although I believe Elon to be an elitist Idealist I have to commend him on depriving CaliCommieMeccaJerusalemMexifornia of bleeding him dry through their ridiculously high taxation by moving his factories out of CA, wherever he relocates his manufacturing facilities to though the people would appreciate it if he would forsake his psychotic Progressive thinking.

  1. Thank God for patriots and sane billionairs like Trump and Elon Musk! Thank God for sanity amongst this horrific madness!!

    1. You mean like people boycotted Nike for not only making that severely insane Moonie Muslime Colin Kaepernick the face of their “Just Do It” advertising campaign but recently renewed this contract, that certain turned out well, that line just flew off the shelves and I do not mean due to the rioting that started after the death of George Floyd either.

  2. It is time to break up Amazon the MONOPOLY….Jeff Bezos also uses his rag….The Washington Post, for
    political purposes…another reason to break his monopoly up….

  3. Amen Marylee (above) says, Thank God for patriots and sane billionaires like Pres. Trump and Elon Mask.

  4. I’ll go a step further than Musk and say that Amazon, Twitter, Facebook and Google should all be busted into tiny pieces. We have a Constitution which protects the rights granted to us by our Creator, including freedom of speech. I’ve read and reread the damned thing and I can’t find the place where it says speech is free if it is true. The Constitution was written in such a way as to protect the free exchange of ideas-how the hell can there be an exchange of ideas if someone is “fact checking” every idea and throwing those that are not “true” away before anyone ever gets a chance to see or hear them? One of the big problems is, who gets to decide which ideas are true and which are false. For three years our president claimed he was spied upon by the Obama administration-that was branded a lie-but, it now is common knowledge that, indeed, the Obama administration spied upon the new president (so, that lie was the truth-obviously the fact checkers aren’t worth a damn at checking facts, so why would we allow someone to decide whether or not we can see that idea?).

  5. If these electro-rags are supposed to be open platforms, and equal-rights businesses, they should be fined and closed by our “government”. Only problem is “our government” is supporting their discrimination, which is unlawful censorship. I do NOT deal with Amazon. And, as the honorable Georgia Law Enforcement will kneel ONLY for God, these people kneel to Mammon. They will regret it for all eternity.

  6. We had HULU for viewing new, shows, etc. In the last week, there is an ad at the top left of the page that states “Amazon supports Black Lives Matter. I notice that the science channel and others are also supporting leftist ideas more than ever – no neutrality any longer. There is a barage of new shows with Opra leading the support of other leftists – I cancelled HULU. We have also stopped ordering from Amazon, and I order a lot due to having a business that deals with 4 different states. I am sick and tired of leftist ideas being thrown at you from all angles from pre kindergarten to shopping to insurance. If it came from China – it will not come into my home or my business. Obviously, I have not done much shopping lately – but my bank account is surely happy!!!!

    1. her program was on last night and on 5 different channels 3 at the same time and then rerun later in the night, and I listened to some of it and , it was nothing but a BITCH and MOAN session , I saw no white people on the show, Just all of this yelling and complaining, but no one had any solutions . None that I heard. But I do not subscribe to this hulu or netflix , it sounds more like a propaganda show to fire up everyone to got get the cops and whitey. Big ophra has gotten to big for stretch pants. BOY COTT anything that has her trademark on it “own”

  7. I wonder if Elon could have a talk with the MSM next. Bet there would be hell to if the TRUTH was ever told about everything the American people already know like a fact checked impeachment. Anybody with half a brain can read between the lines of political BS spin and know when they’re being lied to. It’s time for people to Vote for American Values not some failed socialized system. Maybe Hollyweird can also dig a little deeper and help rebuild all the businesses that where burnt and robbed by the peaceful protesters they had to bail out of Jail.

  8. Thank you for real American men like Me President and Musk who believe in free speech!!! Good for you Alex, keep selling your books!!!! And we definitely need to boycott Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, Google and ChatApp. They need to remember who gave them their millions and billions, yeah, WE THE PEOPLE!!!!!!

    True America!!!!

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