Epstein Madam Currently Hiding out in Various Safe Houses

Epstein Madam Currently Hiding out in Various Safe Houses

Jeffrey Epstein’s story is a dark and twisted one and it has not ended with his recent death. The story is going to continue for years to come, it seems. While much of the focus has been on Epstein and his dark deeds, the pedophile left behind a madam who is also responsible for procuring the young prostitutes. Ghislaine Maxwell is the madam who is responsible for making these connections.

As you would have expected, there are no shortage of authorities who are looking to speak with her. She’s currently under investigation but has been hard to locate. Her powerful friends want to make sure that she stays safe. They are passing her from location to location, so that the authorities do not have a chance to find her. This behavior is despicable, to say the least.

Why would people be so willing to help her? We presume that they are simply scared of her opening up to authorities and exposing all of their nasty secrets. When children are involved, all bets are off. We hope that this woman is found eventually and brought to justice for the key role that she played in these sordid affairs. She does not deserve to walk away without being held responsible just because she has some friends who are influential and wealthy.

Having all kinds of dirt on the most powerful people in the world has its benefits, we suppose. There are a lot of wealthy and powerful people who stand to lose a lot if she is forced to talk. According to reports, Maxwell is the woman who procured the young women and created the connections with Epstein and his rich pals. While there are no shortage of people who are looking to speak with her, she has successfully remained out of the public eye.

She has consistently denied any level of wrongdoing. This does not jibe with FBI reports about those who are responsible for facilitating these connections. Maxwell is not only being protected by the rich and famous, it is believed that she and Epstein had alliances with a wide range of foreign governments. They have already traded a great deal of information with these foreign bodies.

It is easy to see why this woman has been able to elude the authorities up until now. No one seems to know where she is hiding. Epstein’s evil doings paid her pretty well and she has homes in London and New York City. According to one of her associates, she is expected to return to the United States as soon as possible. She resides in England on occasion but is suspected to have hidden in various European countries.

Speculation also points to locations in Israel. It makes sense to move around this much when you are the target of an investigation this vast. Life on the lam is not that easy but it is much simpler when you have a network of rich friends who are willing to do your dirty work for you. Unlike most criminals, she is not forced to reside in hotels with hourly rates or efficiency apartments.

Can you believe that members of the British royal family are already coming out and asking Maxwell to make statements clearing their name? We are scared to find out just how far this goes. If she potentially knows things about the British royals, who knows what else she knows about? Some of the most wealthy and powerful people on the planet are currently shaking in their boots.

They won’t have much to worry about as long as she is protected by her equally powerful friends, though. The United States should be looking into her affairs and some reports suggest that the IRS should take a long look at who has been sending her money. This would go a long way towards letting us know who she has been protecting and for how long.

At the present moment, the United States’ silence is deafening. Clearly, they are worried about the effect that this investigation is going to have. Some do not believe that Epstein actually took his own life and this is a plausible theory. In fact, his assassin has already been named “Person of the Year” by some outlets.

We are willing to guess that Maxwell is not behaving out of some misguided sense of paranoia. She has some important secrets to keep safe and as long as she is impossible to find, the wealthy elites who want their dirt to remain concealed can enjoy their peace of mind.


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