EXCUSES: Harris Says We’re Not Ready for a Female President of Color

EXCUSES: Harris Says We’re Not Ready for a Female President of Color

The latest indication that the presidential campaign of Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Ca. is in big trouble was reported by CNN. Harris has closed three of her four campaign offices in New Hampshire, site of the first in the nation primary, and has laid off all of her field organizers in that state. The only people who will work for her in New Hampshire will be volunteers, tasked to canvass neighborhoods and hand out campaign literature.

Harris is moving her entire operation to Iowa, a state that holds a caucus to doll out its delegate votes about a week before New Hampshire. Her hope appears to be to make a good showing in the state to jump-start her ailing campaign.

Current polling suggests that Harris has a daunting task ahead of her. The Real Politics Poll Average shows that she has four percent in the national polls, three percent in Iowa, and four percent in New Hampshire. She ranks about fifth or sixth depending on which poll one looks at.

Kamala’s Harris’ fall from the presumptive favorite to win the Democratic nomination to someone whose campaign is arguably circling the drain has been a drama of Shakespearean dimensions. Pundits noted that Harris checked several boxes. She is relatively young and telegenic, a minority, a woman, hails from the largest blue state in the union, California, and has a background in law enforcement.

The pin hit the balloon during the first Democratic presidential debate when Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii, who is also young, female, and a minority, called out Harris on her record as California’s state attorney general, according to CNN.

“Senator Harris says she’s proud of her record as a prosecutor and that she’ll be a prosecutor president.

“But I’m deeply concerned about this record. There are too many examples to cite but she put over 1,500 people in jail for marijuana violations and then laughed about it when she was asked if she ever smoked marijuana.

“She blocked evidence — she blocked evidence that would have freed an innocent man from death row until the courts forced her to do so. She kept people in prison beyond their sentences to use them as cheap labor for the state of California.”

At first, Harris tried to dismiss Gabbard’s body blow, claiming that the congresswoman was beneath her. But her collapse in the polls and the drying up of her campaign contributions told the story of a candidacy that had been knocked off its perch and was headed into free fall. Sen Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass is now the female candidate to bear. Warren, despite certain pretensions to being part native American that has since been debunked, is lily-white. She is also relatively old, though not as old as the two top tier male candidates, Biden and Sanders,

As The Week reports, Harris is ascribing her political woes to the idea that the voters are not ready for a president who is a woman of color. The magazine also says that this excuse is “bunk.”

“The real reason she’s falling is that the more voters learn about Harris’ decade-and-a-half record, first as a San Francisco prosecutor and then as the California attorney general, the more they recoil. And rightly so.”

Gabbard’s slam on Harris had resonance because it had the virtue of being true. She tended to drop the prosecutorial hammer on not just violent criminals, murderers, rapists, and so on. Harris was especially harsh on people who committed “quality of life” offenses.

“What kind of ‘quality of life’ crimes did she crackdown on? Panhandling, prostitution, graffiti, loitering, driving under the influence, and living in an unapproved homeless encampment. This issue set would have made former New York Mayor and now Trump confidante Rudy Giuliani proud. It is also one that targets people of color the most. “

The strategy might win approval from conservative voters. Giuliani achieved great results in lowering the overall crime rate in New York City with the same approach. But Harris’ methods cut no ice with progressive voters. While Harris wanted to use law enforcement to solve social problems like school truancy, Democrats are seeing what she did as being unnecessarily cruel to minorities and other marginal communities.

Harris plans to make her last stand in Iowa, in hopes that she can emerge as a viable candidate. However, if she fails, she will likely have no path to the nomination going forward.


65 thoughts on “EXCUSES: Harris Says We’re Not Ready for a Female President of Color

  1. The truth is were not ready for her as President and never will be. She a racist, bigoted bitch with a chip on her shoulder a mile wide. Not fit to be a damn dog catcher, not alone the President of the United States. She doesn’t have an original idea in her head and she’s rotten to the core…..Stinks to high heaven!!!!

    1. Yes she stinks to high heaven all right, but I didn’t know she was rotten to the core? You didn’t go down on her to find that out did you? I hope not or you will need to get to the free clinic right away.

    2. Harris needs to read this everyday. Nobody wants her because of her flawed character.

      Martin Luther King Jr. Quote: “Judge a man not by the color of his skin, but by the content of his character.”

    3. Well said. I’m sure there is a good woman out there somewhere that will be president someday. That person hasn’t arrived just yet. One thing for sure, it’s not Harris and it has nothing to do with race or color

    4. She also did a terrible job as a prosecutor. An abusive, rude, and arrogant senator, not to forget that she slept her way to her present office. Why would anyone want her for anything!

    5. To Kamala Harris, Obama won the nomination and the 2008 election for Pres., because Hillary was not a well like candidate, money and Jews could not buy it for her, she just did not have it. Mcain was an old man with no hair, and just was to angry about why we lost Vietnam war. if it was not for the Jews, and whites, he would nevewr have come close.

  2. Rando nails it here … “Kammie” has nothing that Americans are interested in. ANY WOMAN who chooses to be escorted to the annual Ball if SF, on the arm of Mayor Willie Brown —- who’s WIFE is in the reception line, no less, is low-class & evil. Since we ALL can see that in her …. HOW can she think that she is still RELEVANT ?

    1. Hey Harris its not about being of color its about being a real person without you or Obama types yelling about race and gender , so go back to doing the old guy you were doing and shut the FK up already

    1. And that is exactly why we don’t want her as president. She is a socialist and another Dem who wants everything free and open borders. Forget the color and being a female — neither are the cause of people rejecting you.

  3. It doesn’t matter what color she is, Kamala Harris is a ho. Her family has a history of owning and trading in slaves. Urinate on her sorry body.

  4. Wrong!! Thinking people aren’t ready for a radical liberal bent on finishing Obama’s effort at destruction of our Country’s culture and values.

  5. Good does this mean that Kamala ( Go Downtown on Willie Brown) will drop outta the race wassamatta Kammie can’t you find someone to suck/fuck your way to the White House!

  6. I would really like to get a BJ from Kamala. I heard that she gives really good head. Heard that she likes to take it in the ass too. My kinda woman.

  7. Hey dip shit you call Americans disgusting but then you have the nerve to ask them to vote for you what are you crazy it doesn’t matter if we have a president of color it’s if it’s a man or women a president there is no way in hell you can be president of the United States you have no morals you don’t care about anybody or anything you want to take away our guns you want to get rid of the First Amendment you want medicare-for-all which is stupid you want illegal aliens to be able to come into this country and be able to vote if they’re not even a citizen you’re all screwed up in the head all you care about is getting elected well it’ll be a cold day in Hell before you get elected you will never ever ever be president of the United States you can count on that

  8. Don’t you know it’s always race as the problem? When they have no qualifications or their ideas are not good they play the race card.

  9. Frankly it’s black females like this one that makes it impossible for patriots to vote for any black, ever again. She would be as bad as Obama. She hates all whites and should stay with her tribe. Blacks are so much better off with Trump in charge. Kamiya is a loser.

  10. Being mean, nasty and a hater of this country is no way to win an election. She’s pathetic. Looks like she helped Trump quite a bit with the slander. Disappear lady. You are not qualified and never will be. Get lost.

  11. Kamala Harris is another pissed off Black because, she wasn’t born White. If she had her way, Americans would only see her s a White Woman. Chip on her should is only going to keep growing.

  12. well like all good democrats , they have an excuse for everything , i’d like to know what makes blacks so special that our government keeps putting up with their b/s , she will use her sex and color for an excuse for failing at running for president , i hate to say it but blacks are more racist then whites , and no one says a word about it , a black can kill 15 blacks and not a word said about it , but if a white kills a black they want to burn down the city


  14. She is a rotten person, liar, and incompetent. She went after Judge Kavanaugh with smears and lies. She knew Ford was a Democrat hack and her story was a made up lie! Yet Harris pushed that narrative on a real nice human being. Harris does not deserve to be a Senator, her fame was jumping into bed to advance her political career!

  15. Why do all dumacraps blame everybody else for their own failures??? Must be the juvenile mentality they all share with the world every time one of them opens their mouth! This is why she and all dumacraps are unqualified for any job that requires professionalism and maturity, their juvenile hatred, racist, lack of understanding who they work for, and their infamous lack of knowledge of patriotism, American government, law & order, and our Constitution, yet we are to go along with the “GREAT HUNT FOR A CRIME” they are abusing the courts to look for a crime they’ve committed to somehow make it Trumps fault and he can pay the price for their life long criminality against their own country. They can’t even manufacture the elusion of a crime with enough credibility to get the job done, which is typical of the do nothing inept dumacraps! I don’t see how the republicans can give all this ignorance the time of day!

  16. What america is not ready for is to have a racist gold digger and marijuana user bitch deciding the future of this country not now not ever,

  17. Sorry Kamala doesn’t have anything to do with being a woman of color it has to do with you being a Corrupt Nasty Vile Evil LIAR you just happened to be a woman of Color so quit using the Race Card! you liberals have worn that thing completely OUT!!! Now I would vote for Candace Owens!! She is a woman of color!!! She is Nice she is Smart and she hasn’t slept her way to the Top! She would make one hell of a President! So quit acting like Hillary and blaming everyone else on your failures!

  18. Rando says:
    November 7, 2019 at 7:11 pm
    The truth is were not ready for her as President and never will be. She a racist, bigoted bitch with a chip on her shoulder a mile wide. Not fit to be a damn dog catcher, not alone the President of the United States. She doesn’t have an original idea in her head and she’s rotten to the core…..Stinks to high heaven!!!!

    DITTO DITTO DITTO DITTO Could not have said it any better myself! She should be prosecuted or excuted for her damage to the state of California !

    1. Yes, she is a hate filed nasty, racist bitch who thinks anyone except people of color are racist. She is sooooo wrong. She is the altruist, she is the hater, she is the cheater, she is the whore for the mayor. Go away and take the rest of your hate filled scum with you including Anal Occasional Cortex, those two muslim bitches, Hildabeast & Pocahontas.

  19. Color doesnt have a thing to do with it. . .we will elect any one with a good plan that keeps the governing of the nation in the hands of the people ! Certainly color doesnt matter if there is someone with sense !

  20. I know several black women who’d make a good President. Candace Owens comes to mind, but there are others. Certainly not Oprah or Whoopi.

    I don’t have to say what’s on my mind about this CA viper, those ahead of me were much more articulate.

  21. We will never be ready for her as President. As far as her bs comment -women of color, kinda funny how race gets brought up as the reason she’s not relevant.?
    She never ran as a “Woman of Color”so we bring it up now that she realizes she is not going to win. Cheap and worthless comments used to stir the pot.
    Plain nasty………
    Does everyone know when she was running in the beginning of her career she took money from Trump?
    That’s a fact!
    One more thing, is she really if color? Looks pretty light to me.

  22. When a qualified woman decides to run for president I’m sure the American people would vote for her. As it is the democrats have NO qualified people running.

  23. Woman of color has absolutely nothing to due with it. It is your demeanor , your character or lack of, your ignorance and arrogance people don’t care for You flip flop over issues. Don’t bring race into it. People don’t plain like your politics. Period. Don’t be using the race card, we have heard enough of that BS and it is not true when it comes to Trump. You morons have nothing else to accuse him of so call him racist. He has done more for African Americans than any President. He has personally helped many as well.

  24. The truth really is that the country is finally ready for a good person (of any color) that has not screwed their way into employment. Since she does not fit into any of those categories, she should go back to screwing the old mayor of san fran and live in the city of homeless/hopeless and crap on the street that she, and her brain dead socialists allowed to happen.

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