Fake News Reported by Media Causes Frenzy Over Syria

Fake News Reported by Media Causes Frenzy Over Syria

When the fake news media bumbles a story there is a lot of cleanups that have to be done. People that fell for the rumor that President Trump is pulling out of Syria certainly have embarrassed themselves and are the latest group of suckers that fell for the fake story. The White House cleared the air with its statement that the president is not pulling out of Syria. All he is doing is moving a few troops around to make things operate more smoothly.

For some reason, certain stupid people concluded that the president was going to withdraw troops after a phone call with the Turkish president. For a second time, the people that have been listening in on his phone calls have gotten the story completely wrong. The White House stated This does not constitute a withdrawal from Syria. We’re talking about a few troops that will move to other bases within Syria.” These kinds of troop movements are necessary when securing an area.

It may be the president’s desire to remove the troops, but only when the time is right. The dumb Democrats may paint President Trump to not know what is going on, but he certainly does know all the facts as proven by the troop’s movement. The true story is that the president heard about an operation that the president of Turkey was about to make and President Trump did not want American troops in the way. So he moved them out of harm’s way.

This is not the decision of a clueless person, but rather of a person that cares about the troops. President Trump was willing to move them to make sure they can come home alive when the time is right. It is no secret that the president is tired of having United States troops involved in border wars. He wrote, “I held off this fight for almost 3 years, but it is time for us to get out of these ridiculous Endless Wars, many of them tribal, and bring our soldiers home.” This is not an attempt to withdrawal but just a statement of desire.

The president does not want American lives put in danger when there is no need for it. The dub Democrats would have the military involved everywhere even it the matter was an internal affair. But not President Trump. He knows the difference between a true conflict and one that needs to be solved by the affected parties.

The president relies on truthful intelligence when making troop decisions. When he was informed of the conflict he immediately pulled the 50 or so American soldiers out of harm’s way. A Democratic president would have just left them there to die for no good reason. But the Republican presidents love the troops and want to see that all of them come home alive when their tour of duty is over.

Even the critics that claim that the president endorsed the Turks move against Syria are having a hard time around the decision of the president. The pullback of troops sent a signal to the world that the president does not support Turkey on this matter. There is no reason for them to be interfering in Syria. The fake news media wants everyone to believe that President Trump is in line with this ridiculous move by Turkey. But that is just not the truth.

The president does have the desire to withdraw from Syria, but he knows it is not the right time. To do so would just create a void of power that would ultimately send the region in chaos and more war. The White House has made it clear “That remains our ultimate goal, is to get American troops from the Middle East and to let the parties in the region determine their future. But this is not the time for any such move right now. We’re moving 50 troops within Syria.”

Such a sad day for the media once again to get an easy story wrong. There is a big difference when it comes to moving troops within a country and pulling troops out of the country. The media needs to go back to grade school to learn the difference.


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