Family’s Life Saved by a Knock at the Door

Family’s Life Saved by a Knock at the Door

Faith and divine intervention can be seen as something snowflakes, and Liberals would mock or blow off in society. One of the greatest things about America is our freedom of religion. We can choose to believe or not believe. Our beliefs are best kept to ourselves, but everyone has a right to believe what they wish.

Those who believe in science over a higher power would argue the facts of stories such as these where divine intervention played a significant role in saving this family’s life. This family and those who have similar stories have all the proof they need to know; it is very real.

An Alabama family whose home was destroyed in a fire one day following Christmas is grateful to be alive and unharmed. They are also thankful for their faith and the divine intervention, which spared them from perishing in the house fire.

Our homes are one of the most valuable things in our lives to lose. It provides shelter, memories, all the emotions of life, and a stable foundation that makes a house a home. One of those items which were found in the home is something this family cherishes, their family Bible.

Twenty-three-year-old Ashlee Pham explained the events to Fox News on what happened on that horrible day and how a glimmer of light from the bright side made them realize they had each other, they were alive, and no one was injured.

The scene was that of her mother and 13-year-old brother busy cleaning their rooms. Suddenly, there was a strange knock at the door which alerted them to the events which were about to unfold.

As soon as they heard the knock, Pham’s brother saw part of the ceiling crashing down as it was covered in flames. Their house was on fire, and they had to think fast and get out. The brother cried out to his mother, and they gathered the family pets and quickly got out of the burning house. All three of the family members inside the home were safe, along with their piglet and cat.

Pham continued to tell Fox News, “If they would have not got out when they did, they could have been trapped. Some say that knock on the door was an angel watching over them or God. God was definitely with them when it happened.”

Pham also explained how her mother, Sherri Rosas, was praying for a miracle once they began sifting through the ashes. She prayed she would be able to find the Bible which belonged to the children’s grandfather and to find the car keys amongst the rubble. Her mother was able to find both the keys and the Bible, and her prayers were answered.

Many people believe in signs. A lot of us can say there was always something or someone there to help us when our lives were threatened with tragedy. Sherri Rosas’ prayers were not just answered, they were shown to her in the way she found the Bible.

The Bible was found face opened and almost untarnished to the page in Proverbs, which had significant value to Rosas. She stated the verse meant a lot to her. The verse reads, “I am weary, God. But I can prevail.”

It is a verse fitting for almost every situation in dealing with the stresses of everyday life. We are all tired in our trials, but if we continue on the path of righteousness, we will overcome every obstacle in our way. We will prevail! This family, especially Rosas, clings to these words of wisdom and encouragement during this horrendous moment in their lives.

Firefighters told the family the fire originated in the attic and was caused by a faulty wire.

Ashlee told the local news media ABC 33/40 WBMA she believes “that knock was God knocking on the door to let them know because if they would have ignored it, they would have been trapped inside.” Many stories have been told where lives were spared by strange happenings. It could be God or an angel, or maybe even the grandfather was watching over them who left the Bible open to that particular page.

A Go Fund Me account has been set up by Ashlee Pham for her family from Steele, Alabama. They are looking to raise $5,000 to assist them in finding a new place to live. The title of the GoFundMe page is “Help Get a New Home.” Hopefully, they can reach their goals.


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