Fantastic Duo Find out the Hard Way They Are Not As Popular as They Thought

Anthony Fauci and his favorite supporter, Jill Biden, woke up to the reality that they were not the favored duo they thought they were. The honeymoon is over in Washington for all Democrats and their supporters as they find out that they wake up to the reality that people are sick and tired of the lies and flip-flopping that the liberals are doing all over the country.

The mangled duo got together and decided to take a trip to New York City. They thought the entire trip that they were going to arrive to a warm reception, but they found out how much the people actually hated them.

The Abyssinian Baptist Church is a vaccine distribution site. Batgirl and Robin were coming to the site to see how things were going. They watched people get their arms stuck with a needle and commented why it was important for people to get vaccinated.

Their 40-minute visit was an absolute joke as they walked around like two royals out sporting the territory. Fauci stated that “We’re going to end this outbreak with absolute certainty and the vehicle to ending it is vaccination. And that’s why I’m so impressed by being here and so honored to be here.”

The best part of the trip happened when Batgirl Biden offered to hold the hand of a 14-year-old boy. As she asked the boy to hold her hand, the boy took one look at her and said, “no.” Jill Biden has been encouraging this age group to get the shot. But this kid did the right thing and turned the sad lady down.

Rejected by a 14-year-old is the ultimate irony and perfect revenge against Jill Biden. She represents a year of terror for kids all over the country that found themselves locked out of their schools and told to stay in their rooms.

Biden and Fauci found out the hard way that they are not America’s favorite people. They have lied and over-regulated people to the point that no one wants to have them around. When they showed up at the church, they just got in the way. The people getting the shots wanted to get the jab and then be sent on their way. They certainly did not want to hold hands with batgirl.

The fantastic duo also presents a fake image as they continue to wear their masks even though they are vaccinated. The message they are sending is that the vaccine is a farse because people will still need to mask up even after getting the socialist shot.

Their message of Islamic masking makes no sense. They want people to cover their faces so they do not have to look at them.

Not only did the young boy shaft Jill Biden but a massive crowd formed outside the church and around the neighborhood. They were not there in support of the two but rather to show their hatred for the destruction they have caused by lying about the virus and making people do things against the law.

The protestors had to be kept away from the church because of the number of gathering people. The people were ticked off at Fauci and the way he turned his back on people. They also showed how angry they were mad about his part in creating the virus and how it was released into the world.

Several emails were found that nail Fauci to the wall because of his viral connections. The people chanted “Fire Fauci” as they showed how much they hated the man. The mouse of a man has also lost his online support of his book as it is no longer offered for sale on Amazon.

Fauci is as dense as he is ignorant. He thinks that the accusations against him are nothing more than “attacks on science.” He has forgotten how science works and the process it takes to formulate accurate readings. His words have been based on anything but science. They are founded in liberal lies and corruption based on the demented dream of a fake president.


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