Fauci’s House of Lies Comes Crumbling Down After Explosive Emails Revealed

Back in August of 2020, Dr. Scott Atlas joined the Trump team that was responsible for handling the coronavirus pandemic. Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx did not like this because they were enjoying their tour of misery. They wanted the rest of the world to be as scared as they were, this much was obvious.

Dr. Atlas wanted to know more about the Fauci strategies. Throughout the pandemic, Dr. Fauci has shown himself to be a bad-faith actor over and over again. His policies are not specific and they are not based in any type of science. Anytime that the policies are questioned, he would go on the defensive.

Since Dr. Atlas was actually willing to question Dr. Fauci, he quickly became an enemy to the far left. The mainstream media that loves their fake news was also quick to make a villain out of Dr. Atlas. Chris Wallace also attacked Dr. Fauci, which shouldn’t surprise anyone.

In turn, Dr. Fauci would repeatedly question Dr. Atlas. He did not like having his authority questioned in a meaningful way because he viewed this as his chance to remain above the law. When other medical professionals are truly questioning you and you do not have the answer, that is when the defensiveness begins.

Dr. Fauci wouldn’t stop his attacks. Eventually, Dr. Atlas ended up resigning from the response team. Now, Dr. Atlas is having a sit down with the Newsmax team to discuss the past year or so. The Dr. Fauci e-mails were obviously a major topic of discussion, as they should have been. If you want to see what vindication looks like, this interview offers an interesting glimpse.

“I was called an outlier. And it’s good to be called an “outlier” when the “in-lyers” are what we’re seeing here… These are emails from way before I got there so I’m seeing these emails for the first time for myself… When I was trying to see the truth he (Fauci) would say, “The truth will prevail here.” And I think that’s what we’re seeing here… There is plenty of information there from way before I got there in August from February on that shows gross misinformation disseminated,” he said.

This statement is one that should not come as a surprise to anyone who has watched the past few months unfold. The information that we were getting all year long was not treated in the proper manner. Dr. Fauci and his goons did everything that they could to keep people away from the truth.

Dr. Fauci now finds himself in the hot seat and it is a seat of his own making. Things did not have to go this way. He’s the one who has made things difficult with his ceaseless chattering. Any time that we think we are turning a corner, he is the first naysayer who butts in and tells us that we are not. If you are tired of this cycle, you are not alone. Dr. Atlas is here to lead the way.

He is one of the few who has really been telling it like it is this whole time. If we were in charge of the decision-making for the GOP, we would be launching a full investigation. The pressure needs to be turned up. Dr. Fauci’s hot seat must be on high, or else he will wait for the news cycle to forget about him and move onto something else.

That’s how frauds like him operate. He’s a weasel of the highest order and anyone who has yet to see through it? We simply feel sorry for you at this point. Anyone with half a brain could have seen that already. If you are asking us, we believe that Dr. Atlas is owed a major apology. Dr. Fauci is not the type to ever admit that he is in the wrong, though, so good luck on that one.


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