Florida Democrats Are Ready to Listen to DeSantis

grebeshkovmaxim / shutterstock.com

Democrats on the federal level love to pretend that DeSantis is a menace to society. He endangered lives during the pandemic. He sent illegal immigrants on a plane to Martha’s Vineyard. And he voted against hurricane relief years ago.

How dare he…

The reality is that Ron DeSantis has done a lot for Floridians. He allowed people to have their freedom during the pandemic. He’s fought against the Biden administration when it comes to illegal migration. And he focuses on spending money when and where it is necessary – without all of the “pork” that is common with liberal spending packages.

Charlie Crist is the main opponent in the gubernatorial race. And if you listen to the likes of Jill Biden, Crist has already won. The problem with believing such nonsense is that it’s just that, nonsense.

The polls show DeSantis is in the lead – way in the lead.

And even Democrats are eager to hear what the man has to say. After all, he’s guided the state toward success for his first term, so why not hear what his plans are for a second term?

DeSantis has been spending weeks dealing with the wake of Hurricane Ian. And now, he’s finally on the campaign trail once again. He stopped in Broward County, a dominant blue county.

Typically, when a GOP candidate enters a blue county, the turnout is low – and the same can be said if a Democratic candidate entered a red county.

That’s not what happened when DeSantis entered the Wings Plus of Coral Springs. He took the stage in the parking lot to see that there was an impressive turnout. He spent about half an hour at the mic, talking about some of his accomplishments as well as proposals for his next term.

And guess what? He received a number of cheers throughout his speech.

DeSantis has focused heavily on Florida being a place for freedom. He also touched on the death penalty, which is something he wants to see strengthened.

It was a smart move for DeSantis considering that he was speaking just a few miles from where the Stoneman Douglas shooting was – and the shooter was recently sentenced to life in prison. Many in the area thought that the man should have been condemned to the death penalty. After all, with the deaths he caused, he shouldn’t get to live a life in prison –and potentially seek parole in a decade or so.

The crowd loved what he had to say. The Florida governor also touched on how the state is deepening its red hue – especially with voter registration numbers. And more and more people are flooding to the Sunshine State from blue states.

When you compare the crowds that Crist is generating versus the crowds for DeSantis, it is clear that there are more people interested in what DeSantis is doing for the state.

The reality is that Crist had his chance. And he sold out. He was actually a Republican governor – and changed over to be a Democrat. People remember that – and they don’t know if they can trust him.

The Democrats have tried to smear DeSantis’ name on countless occasions, including their famous “Don’t Say Gay” campaign.

The reality is that DeSantis is focused on freedom. It’s seen in everything that he does. He believes the conservative approach is what will be successful for the state. And if that means telling schools that they can’t shove the liberal agenda at kindergarteners, then so be it.

We’re only weeks away from the election. If DeSantis keeps drawing in crowds like the one in Coral Springs, it will be an easy win for him.