Foreign Election Influence? Warren Thanks Illegal Aliens for Their Support in Iowa

Foreign Election Influence? Warren Thanks Illegal Aliens for Their Support in Iowa

The Democrats have yet to shut up about the dangers of allowing foreign governments to interfere with our national elections. That’s understandable enough, we suppose. However, Elizabeth Warren’s latest insane statement flies in the face of these sentiments. We are not sure who told her that this was a good idea to say but here we are.

She actually thanked illegal immigrants for assisting her with her campaign in Iowa! This is not the sort of thing that we would expect someone of her stature to admit but hey, what do we know? No one could ever be as smart as the great and wonderful Elizabeth Warren. If she says that illegal immigration is good, who are we to question her?

Her volunteers and campaigners went door to door spreading her message and did not even have legal citizenship. That’s quite the terrifying thought for everyone in Iowa who allowed these people into their lives. We shudder to think of what would have happened if these people had decided to attack one of the homeowners that they were visiting.

Warren would not have had as much to say for herself then, we are sure. The blood would have been on her hands. She went on to say that Iowa’s business leaders were on her side. Warren claims that they were allowing illegal immigrants to work for their companies, encouraging them to live in the state of Iowa.

The actual residents of this state must have loved to hear that. She’s not actually here to help America. Warren is only going to say whatever she has to in order to get elected. Thanks to her and the people who share her viewpoints, the good folks of Iowa are slowly being replaced in the workforce by illegals and refugees that are willing to work for less.

This is not something that any American should want to see but Warren seems to think otherwise. The migrants who are taking their jobs are compliant and they are not going to ruffle any feathers. Since business owners can essentially pay them whatever they want without any fear of reprisal, the days of American workers receiving fair pay are coming to a close.



Instead of standing up for these workers, Warren would rather further these nonsensical agendas. How does America benefit from losing jobs to foreign employees who are not even properly documented? That is a question we would love to see her try to answer. Let’s see her try to talk her way around that one.

Once you have had a chance to see the video below (be sure to skip to the 11 minute mark for the truly interesting stuff), you will see just how problematic this line of thinking is. She is essentially admitting to election interference and doesn’t even realize it. This is not the sort of bozo that anyone should want running their nation for them.

She’s not the brightest bulb on the tree, that is for sure. She’s eventually going to have to drop out of the race because she has little to no traction. Once she does, no one should be surprised when she is formally charged with the crimes that she is brazenly committing for the whole world to see.

Colluding with foreign nationals is not something that any smart politician should ever want to admit to. If it was wrong for Trump to allegedly collude with the Russians, why should anyone take this lying down? Even the world of Twitter cannot believe how stupid this woman is. There was no shortage of snarky tweets asking about these crimes and how she would think that she could get away with them.

Inquiring minds want to know when the other shoe is going to drop here and we do not blame them. The Democrats are behaving in a hypocritical manner once again. We can’t pretend to be shocked, though. It is just another day that ends with the letter y. We are willing to bet that the sensitive lefties are already looking for ways to defend Warren’s asinine statements and shortsighted actions.

That is what they do best. They talk around what has taken place, instead of actively engaging with what really happened. This is their way and they are not going to change anytime soon. If you are anything like us, you want to see justice served. Hopefully, it will not be long before Warren has to answer for these bold admissions in front of a Congressional jury. After all, Trump had to. Why shouldn’t she?


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