Forget Guns…Molotov Cocktails are Being Used in DC

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The Democrats have shown their ignorance. They have focused so heavily on gun control that they forgot that criminals will use any weapons they can get their hands on. Criminals need to be dealt with since they’re the ones pulling the triggers. Guns, on their own, pose no danger.

Now, the Democrats are faced with their poor decisions because Molotov cocktails are being used in Washington DC.

One man was arrested in Union Station for throwing Molotov cocktails at U.S. Capitol Police. Obviously, it was an extremely dangerous situation since Union Station is the largest metro stop – and it borders the Capitol grounds.

Luckily, the officers walked away with only mild injuries. As for the man responsible for the attack, the officers recovered a backpack along with two bottles of accelerant.

Democrats fear the gun. One bullet will kill no more than one person. And, the person shooting the gun has to have decent enough aim to make sure that the bullet comes into contact with someone.

The Molotov cocktail is an explosive. The person throwing it doesn’t need to have particularly good aim. And depending on where it lands, it can cause a significant amount of damage and destruction. Often, it is designed to create panic. However, it can cause fires and lead to the deaths of many – especially when thrown carefully into the right area.

And they’re easy to make. The suspect, later identified as Bernard L. McCutcheon, made his out of a tequila bottle, a sock, and a petroleum-based accelerant.

The officers worked quickly to ensure no one was injured. The Assistant Chief of Police for Uniformed Operations, Sean Gallagher, was quick to say that “We appreciate their quick action that, without a doubt, kept the community safer.”

The USCP was also quick to defend the guy to say that he wasn’t targeting the Supreme Court or the Capitol and that he wasn’t a part of any recent protest. Really? They found all of that out so quickly? Either they asked McCutcheon and they took his word for it or there’s something else going on.

There’s a reason why these kinds of crimes happen all the time.

This criminal is being charged with assault. That’s it. He shows up in DC with a backpack full of Molotov Cocktails, attacked the US Capitol Police, and did so extremely close to the US Capitol. Oh, but he didn’t mean any harm? None of this sounds acceptable.

However, imagine what kind of message that’s going to send to others. Go ahead and bring your explosives into DC. Throw one at an officer. The worst slap of punishment you’ll get is a charge of assault.

The Democrats really need to learn how to take a stricter approach to crime being performed. While countless liberal politicians are screaming about gun control, there are literally crimes happening right outside of their offices using Molotov cocktails.

As RedState reports, “It gives the feeling that this nation operates under two different standards of justice, mainly because it obviously does.”

Those who do things to protect end up getting sentenced to 20 years in jail. Those who do things to create disorder and promote the liberal agenda get a free pass.

Welcome to Biden’s America, where nothing makes sense anymore. Oh, but watch out for those guns…they’ll get you every time.