Gabbard Files Lawsuit Against Hillary Clinton

Gabbard Files Lawsuit Against Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton may need to remind herself that she’s not running in the Democratic presidential race. With the smear campaign that she has launched against candidate Tulsi Gabbard, it would appear that she is running.

Gabbard has had enough of the failed candidate’s antics. It’s why she’s filed a lawsuit against Hillary Clinton for defamation.

The feud between the ex-Secretary of State and the Hawaiian Congresswoman has been going on for months, all for the public to see. Clinton has been suggesting that Gabbard is a “Russian asset” when there has been no such evidence to support it.

Gabbard alleges in the lawsuit that Clinton’s smear campaign is retribution for Gabbard’s decision to back Bernie Sanders instead of Hillary Clinton in the 2016 primary.

The lawsuit states that whether it was due to political enmity, personal animus, or the “fear of real change” inside of a political party dominated by Clinton and her allies, Clinton spread lies about her “perceived rival.”

According to Gabbard, she has suffered “actual damages” that total at least $50 million, all as a result of Clinton’s smear campaign. The specific dollar amount being sought out from Clinton is not mentioned within the lawsuit.

The comments that are in question began in the fall of 2019 when Hillary Clinton appeared on a podcast hosted by David Plouffe, the former campaign manager for Pres. Barack Obama. The two discussed the 2020 presidential election, which is when Clinton mused that Trump and the GOP were “grooming” a possible spoiler candidate as a third-party bid.

Clinton told Luke that she’s “not making any predictions” but she believes that they have their eye on someone currently within the Democratic primary. She didn’t name a candidate as of yet, identifying that “she” is a favorite of the Russians. She also commented that Jill Stein would have to give up that title since she was also a “Russian asset.” Since she did mention the sex of the candidate, it wasn’t hard to narrow down the options.

Since Clinton didn’t mention Gabbard, a spokesperson confirmed that the comment of a “Russian asset” was pointed toward the Hawaiian Congresswoman.

Senate investigators probing the Russian interference with the 2016 election along with former special counsel Robert Mueller identified that there were Russian agents seeking to boost Green Party candidate Jill Stein as a way of siphoning some votes away from Hillary Clinton.

The comments made by Clinton were quickly condemned by Stein as well as some of the rivals of Gabbard within the presidential race. Gabbard has also shot down a number of suggestions to state that she would run as a third-party candidate in the event of not receiving the Democratic nomination.

Gabbard also took to Twitter to thank Clinton, calling her the “queen of warmongers” in the process, for personifying the rot of the Democratic Party. Gabbard took it as a threat because she feels as though Clinton is threatened by the change that Gabbard wants to bring to the party.

Gabbard has faced a significant amount of criticism for foreign policies that many believe are closely aligned with Russia. The Congresswoman who has served four terms has also been mentioned in Russian media and propaganda. She has gained fans among Republicans and liberal activists alike, though she struggles with polling and fundraising, missing out on some of the Democratic debates.

The lawsuit that Gabbard filed names her presidential campaign committee as a co-plaintiff. It portrays Gabbard as a public servant while offering a scathing rebuke of Clinton.

Gabbard also identifies that she knew what she could be getting into when she chose to back the Vermont Sen. in 2016. She felt that Clinton had a “stranglehold” over the Democratic Party and that her own political career could be ended by crossing the woman. Clinton was furious with Gabbard’s choice to back Sanders, according to the lawsuit, and a flurry of angry emails came from Clinton’s aides.

Clinton seems to avoid coming to terms with the fact that she did not become president in 2016. She continues to have involvement with the Democratic Party, though she seems to be tearing down candidates instead of building them up. The Dems, as a whole, want to beat Trump. They don’t really care who does it as long as it’s done. Clinton, however, seems to have her own agenda. Perhaps Gabbard has a point by calling Clinton a “cutthroat politician.”

Where the lawsuit goes is anyone’s guess, though a spokesperson for Clinton has not been returning requests for comments to the media about the whole ordeal.



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