George Lopez Jokes About a Trump Assassination

George Lopez Jokes About a Trump Assassination

George Lopez has always been a funny guy. He makes inappropriate jokes and everyone laughs. However, his latest joke has taken a turn when he talked about assassinating President Trump. These kinds of jokes aren’t laughed at – and the Secret Service has gotten involved.

George Lopez was responding to the news on Instagram that there is an $80 million bounty on Donald Trump’s head from the Iranian government. Lopez’s punchline was that “We’ll do it for half.” Great, so is Lopez offering to do it for $40 million?

There was a significant amount of outrage generated following the comments. Instagram also had to delete the comment because it violated platform rules.

The Secret Service has already told the Washington Examiner that they are aware of his comment. They have chosen not to comment any further as they take threats against the President seriously. They do not comment on matters focused on “protective intelligence.”

While they have not identified whether they have made contact with Lopez yet or not, they routinely interview any source of a potential threat as part of the investigations that they conduct. For stating that he’d be willing to take the bounty for half, it can be considered a threat against the President. This means that simply to be funny, he may have to deal with being investigated by the Secret Service.

Lopez isn’t the first one to make a comedy routine out of Trump, either. Kathy Griffin was blacklisted from Hollywood when she took one joke too far, holding a decapitated mannequin head made to look like Donald Trump up for a photoshoot. It was taken as a threat of violence, something that Griffin hadn’t thought of when she initially did the publicity stunt.

Now, it appears that George Lopez could be facing a similar issue. It’s probably a good thing that he kept it low-key with a comment on Instagram as opposed to using props during a photoshoot. And although the comment has been deleted, enough people were able to screenshot it before Instagram could get rid of it. This means that his words are eternalized for all to see.

Representatives for the comedian have identified that it was meant as a joke. Meanwhile, Lopez himself has kept a low profile since making the comment and experiencing the backlash. He has not made any further comments about what he was implying. That’s probably smart at this point, considering that there are so many strong-tempered people who are willing to defend Trump.

While nothing happened legally to Griffin for her depiction of Trump several years ago, she was blacklisted. It’s been hard for her to bounce back from such a thing. Now, it’s only a matter of time to see whether this comment from Lopez is enough to get him into trouble with the Secret Service and what kind of effect it’s going to have on his career.

Quite a few Hollywood stars are known for letting their political leanings to be known. It’s a dangerous PR stunt as it can lead to a number of people on the other side walking away from them and not supporting any future work. Most Hollywood stars keep to themselves about whether they’re a Republican or a Democrat.

While many Hispanic voters tend to vote Democrat, there are many who lean more toward Republican. With George Lopez and his recent comment, it’s very clear which way his political leanings are. However, his comments aren’t just about agreeing to assassinate Trump. It’s also about the country that is responsible for coming up with such a bounty. It involves asking a number of other questions about what Lopez was thinking. Would he accept money from the Iranian government? Was he prepared to support a terrorist instead of letting Trump issue the kill order? Would Lopez condone someone assassinating the president? What was meant to be a joke didn’t come across as funny in such a politically charged environment as we’re currently dealing with in the United States.

Lopez should have known better than to make a comment. The Secret Service knows he made the comment, so he should enjoy the nice sit-down that he’s likely to have as they investigate his real intentions. Meanwhile, this should serve as a reminder for all of the other comedians who may think it’s “funny” to talk about assassinating the sitting president. It’s not so funny when Secret Service wants to sit down and have a chat about your little joke.


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