Go F– Yourself. How the First Lady Really Feels About the VP

Joe and Jill Biden have been moderate Democrats for years. Yet, all it took was a bit of arm twisting for Joe Biden to give up his religion and his political background. Now, he’s a complete wild card.

During the presidential primary race, the Bidens were attacked by Kamala Harris. Why? Harris viewed Joe Biden as being a racist.

How is it that the two of them mended relations enough to actually run on the same ticket? Well, that’s where a lot of that liberal arm twisting comes in.

However, it’s important to note that the First Lady was not and is not a fan of Kamala Harris.

During the presidential debates, Harris told a story of public busing and how Biden’s views were personally offensive to her.

Jill Biden was furious. After all, her husband was someone who prided himself on being able to work with both parties. She vented about the early primary attack with some of her close supporters. “With what he cares about, what he fights for, what he’s committed to, you get up there and call him a racist without basis?” She went on to say “Go f— yourself” when speaking to those supporters about Kamala Harris.

Those are certainly some choice words. With a new book out that has been released about the 2020 campaign, a few stories have come out. Edward-Isaac Dovere is the author of the book, titled “Battle for the Soul: Inside the Democrats’ Campaigns to Defeat Trump.”

When Kamala Harris first made the attack, she rose in the polls. People who felt that racism was still a problem in the U.S. sided with her. The problem was that Harris was incapable of holding onto that lead. It wasn’t long after that she fizzled out – and eventually dropped out of the primary race.

However, Biden maintained his lead. He kept holding onto his relationship with Obama as a way to prove that he wasn’t the racist that Harris had accused him of being.

Still, if the Democrats were going to defeat Trump, they had to give voters the best of both worlds. They had to provide someone with experience (Biden) and someone who was willing to shake things up (Harris).

Typically, though, the VP takes a backseat to the president. That is not the case with the Biden-Harris administration, though.

Biden has had to put all of his moderate views aside. He has been forced to adopt the extremely liberal views of Harris…and the rest of the administration that allowed him to get into power.

It’s a classic case of bait and switch.

Kamala Harris couldn’t have won the presidency. Biden could.

So, they bundled the two together. They promised Americans a moderate Biden and they ended up with a liberal Harris.

Yet, the First Lady is quick to remember that things have not always been good between her husband and Harris.

When Harris was called out by Stephen Colbert about her attacks on Biden, she said that she was fully supportive of Biden. That’s easy for her to say now that he was the winner of the Democratic Party’s nomination. As for her accusations, she laughed. She repeated herself, saying “It was a debate. It was a debate. Literally it was a debate. It was called a debate.”

She apparently doesn’t realize that it’s possible to be civilized during a debate…and more importantly, not accuse someone of being racist if you truly don’t believe they are racist.

Harris made the accusations not because it was a debate but because she believed it. It’s why she allowed the Black Lives Matter situation to get out of hand last year. It’s why she is allowing the border crisis to get out of control now.

She’s a liberal, she’s not the Catholic like Joe Biden once claimed to be, and Dr. Jill Biden isn’t going to simply forgive and forget.

And as for anyone who wants to defend Harris and all of her actions, the First Lady has words: “Go f— yourself.”


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