GOP Invokes Nuclear Option Over Due Process Questions

GOP Invokes Nuclear Option Over Due Process Questions

David Perdue, the Georgia Republican senator, recently made an appearance on Meet The Press that got everyone talking. He spoke to Chuck Todd about the upcoming impeachment proceedings with President Trump. When Chuck asked a very juicy question about former President Barack Obama, David was not about to pull any punches.

Before we get to that, the rest of the interview had its fair share of bombshells. For starters, Perdue laid out the timeline for the impeachment trial. From the looks of it, there is going to be a riveting 64 hour period where proposals will be passed back and forth between Mitch McConnell and the rest of the House managers.

Once the proposals have all been submitted, the Chief Justice decides what happens next. Phase 1 of the trial comes next. This is when the witnesses are chosen and the clarification is discussed. The motions are taken care after all of the necessary steps that have been taken. This news should not be shocking to anyone who has even a passing familiarity with how impeachment works.

Lev Parnas is a key character in this trial and Todd did not miss the chance to ask Perdue for his take on that aspect of the situation. David does not believe that the secondhand information that he provides should be of interest. In fact, he views Parnas as a distraction. Since he is also under indictment, why should the information that he has to provide be of any importance?

This is a fair point of view. If the House believed that the information he has to offer was truly pertinent, he would have been included from the get go. Trump claims that he does not know who Parnas is. Since this seems to be the case, it is time to move onto the people who are actually crucial to these legal proceedings.

The truly juicy content was still ahead. When Todd asked Perdue if he would be willing to make the same statement if Barack Obama were the one on the hot seat, he had a very interesting answer… say the least. He said that Obama actually did pull the exact same thing when it came time for his own investigation. Evidence was kept from the House of Representatives.

Republicans decided not to pursue the crime and of course, it did not take much for the Democrats to agree. Now, everyone is changing their tune when it comes to a President’s use of executive privilege. Funny how that works, huh? That is what we call the nuclear option. No one has been willing to invoke this option on such a big stage yet.

We are glad that Perdue chose to do so, though. It is high time for the hypocrisy to be called out. Some might call this a bit hypocritical but we are willing to go out on a huge limb here. It is actually a LOT hypocritical. Even when the Republicans are willing to do the right thing, they never receive the same sort of treatment in reverse.

That is not the way that a good government should be run. Both sides should be pulling in the same direction, so that the greater good is able to triumph. Otherwise, both sides of the aisle spend too much time with the infighting to actually get things done in a timely manner. The President is not currently receiving due process and at least there is one person who is ready to call it out.

These impeachment proceedings are sure to become more and more heated at time goes on. While we did not think that anyone would be willing to invoke the nuclear option so early in the proceedings, this bodes well for the trial ahead. With any luck, this process can be completed quickly, so that we can get back to the things that are truly important.

In the meantime, you are going to have to stay tuned. The government has essentially turned into its own reality show and in reality, the Democrats are the party that is responsible. If it is okay for Obama to rely on executive privilege when it suits him, Trump should be receiving the same sort of assistance.

Unfortunately, this seems to be too much to ask of the liberals. They would rather remain hypocritical and avoid the harsh truths behind the people that they support. They do not care about right and wrong. Instead, they would rather remove Trump from office, even when he has not done anything wrong or broken the law in any way!


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