GOP Senator Breaks Down Reasons for Blocking Bill

GOP Senator Breaks Down Reasons for Blocking Bill

Democrats tried to pull another fast one on America again, but GOP Senator Mike Crapo read between the lines and put a stop to a bill the Left wanted to push through the legislature. The bill was meant to keep Russia and other nations out of our elections. Suspicions arose from the request of Democratic Senator Chris Van Hollen, who strongly supported the bill and wanted it to pass.

The bill was known as the “Defending Elections from Threats by Establishing Redlines,” or the “DETER Act.” Most would be in favor of this act until one looks at the reasons behind the scenes.

Van Hollen stated his case when he said Moscow would have “a very tough price to pay” if they were to get involved with our elections again. He said, “It’s designed to send a very clear and simple message to Russia or any other country that is thinking about interfering in our elections and undermining our democracy that if we catch you, you will suffer a severe penalty.”

Republican Senator Marco Rubio and Van Hollen re-introduced the bill at the beginning part of this year. The Director of National Intelligence is required to decide if there is a violation when the suspicion arises of tampering with U.S. elections.

It gives them the right to impose sanctions on any country proven to be involved with the illegal act. If a nation is found in violation, the stipulations occur within thirty days.

This is the second time the bill is put on the table, and GOP senators and members of leadership are skeptical because it gives Democrats too much power within the system. In other words, the act plays in the Left’s favor.

The bill was first brought to the table in 2018 but was pushed to the back burner as GOP senators wanted a closer look into the bill to read the fine print.

The first red flag was the question of how much power this gives the Democrats. Second, Senator Crapo broke down the reason for slapping down the bill even further.

He stated since he is the chairman of the Banking Committee, one of the two panels in the Senate which has authority over sanctions, Moscow has already been issued sanctions since 2017. It sounds fishy the Democrats would bring up a law when one has already punished Russia, setting the example.

Crapo stated, “I think that President Trump has probably put more sanctions on the Russians than any president in our history.” He made clear more legislation is welcomed in the issue but warned the House “sanctions are a two-edged sword.”

Crapo continued, “The mechanisms in this bill have been designed more to attack the Trump administration and Republicans than to attack the Russians and those who would attack our country and our elections.

When we can stop trying to make it anti-Trump or anti-Republican or make politics out of the problems that Russia truly is creating for us, maybe we can come together and pass yet another strong piece of legislation to move forward.”

The battle of back and forth began among the Senators. Van Hollen and Rubio stated revisions were made to the original bill. Van Hollen added, “It gives the ability for Trump to waive new sanctions. This has nothing to do with President Trump. This has to do with protecting our elections.”

The fine lines in the bills attempted to pass through legislation by the Left consist of redoing the infrastructure of the elections. Many fear it would eventually lead to doing away with the electoral college. This is, however, one of the first signs. The bill would require any campaigns to submit reports to the FBI if there is any foreign assistance.

To show how far out of touch Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is with reality, he claims the bill would pass “unanimously.” His head has been under a rock somewhere if he thinks this could happen. Many will vote for it, yes, but not “unanimously.”

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov warning him any interference is “unacceptable.” Pompeo added, “On the question of interference in our domestic affairs, I was clear, it’s unacceptable, and I made our expectation of Russia clear.”

With the warnings received already through sanctions still in place since 2017, Democrats are just making this another circus act of something already in place. It is another waste of time showing their incompetence.


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