Government Collaboration Unparalleled Under Trumps Leadership

Government Collaboration Unparalleled Under Trumps Leadership

Senator Kelly Loeffler has become the first female Georgia resident to have a vote in the United States Senate. She took her initial oath of office back in January. When fellow Republican Johnny Isakson decided to resign, she stepped up to fill the void. During a recent appearance on the Daily Signal Podcast, she discussed a wide range of topics.

For starters, she is thrilled to have made her transition into the public sector. While the process has been a bit of a whirlwind, she has nothing but positive feelings about the transition. She’s already using her new position to work on all sorts of positive legislation that is sure to assist the state of Georgia.

Her work in the private sector has informed her work as a senator as well. As someone who has been running a fintech company for decades now, she knows about the realities associated with job creation. She’s been the one who had to sign the back of a paycheck and she’s been on the other side of the transaction, too.

This allows her to bring a whole new perspective to Washington, DC. Many Senators have never known what it is like to work for a living. Coming into the Senate on the heels of an impeachment proceeding presented its own challenges but Senator Loeffler was able to remain impartial.

She wanted to see an acquittal take place as much as anyone but also prioritized the importance of moving on. The American people certainly deserved better. Senator Loeffler knows that the American citizens are most important and that the impeachment proceedings were not going to do anything to help them.

As a co-sponsor of the Bipartisan Congressional Budget Reform Act, she is drawing on her past budget creation experience to make governing bodies are made accountable for their spending. The American taxpayer should never be forced to fund policies that go against their strongest held beliefs. Taxpayers also deserve to receive results that are cost-effective.

She also believes that we have a lot of room for improvement when it comes to the nation’s healthcare. Senator Loeffler is now working on a bill that is designed to provide better healthcare to rural communities who have been left behind in the Obamacare era. Immigration reform is another topic that means a lot to her. She wants to cease with the green lighting of driver’s licenses for immigrants who have yet to obtain citizenship.

This senator is also focused on improving school safety. She cannot imagine the concerns that parents are facing today. Things have certainly changed a lot since she was in school, that is for sure. Unlike other older senators who cannot seem to grasp the need for new laws, she recognizes that we are at a crucial starting point.

We need to make the right decisions as a nation going forward, so that we can keep our children safe as they learn. Pro-life legislation is another area of importance to her and it is clear to see that she is already doing great work in the state of Georgia. Her pro-life legislation has yet to pass but she remains confident that she will be able to work with Democrats to get it done.

Senator Loeffler did not finish the interview without taking the time to address the spread of coronavirus. In her estimation, the government collaboration that is taking place under the leadership of Trump is unparalleled. She has seen the work that is being done firsthand. As someone who took the trip to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention with President Trump recently, she is uniquely qualified to make this assertion.

In her estimation, we are not responsible for starting the virus but we can still be the country that solves it, thanks to our medical sophistication. These types of solutions are achieved when the entire country is willing to work together. It all starts with a government that is ready to start pushing in the right direction. This is an unprecedented event unlike any others that have taken place in our lifetimes.

Without every arm of the government pulling in the right direction, we are not able to enjoy the same freedoms and liberties that we have become accustomed to. For some, it has taken a major crisis to appreciate how fortunate we are to have the leadership that is already in place. The collaboration that is taking place between the highest levels of the government is what is allowing us to maintain optimism during these trying times.


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