Gun Restrictions Lead to People Making Their Own

Gun Restrictions Lead to People Making Their Own

As citizens of the U.S., we enjoy the right to bear arms and have many laws that regulate the carrying of a concealed weapon (CCW) as well as numerous gun rights that allow us to legally own firearms.

But, we have too many regulations and restrictions, if you ask some people. In fact, law enforcement officials and experts agree that the more the government works to place tighter restrictions on legal gun ownership in the U.S., the more people will simply just start making their own…and they already have.

Tighter Gun Regulations Means an Increase of Homemade “Ghost Guns

Ghost guns, the nickname for those that are manufactured illegally without proper serial numbers, are being seen more often in mass shootings and other crimes today in the U.S. According to officials, they have seen the use of ghost guns rapidly increase as gun regulations and restrictions for legal ownership continues to make it difficult to legally purchase a firearm.

Instead of bothering to jump through all the hoops to legally purchase a firearm by obtaining a concealed carry permit following the CCW laws, there is an increase in the amount of people that are taking it into their own hands by making their own guns as well as modifying their firearms to make them more powerful, which is also illegal in the U.S.

Authorities predict that as gun control restrictions for legal ownership increases, more people than ever will start to manufacture their own firearms. The illegal manufacturing of firearms is dangerous for so many reasons, including these:

The Obvious and Not So Obvious Dangers of Homemade “Ghost Guns”

Since these homemade weapons are not registered, this means that there is no database to refer to or inquire on the background gun owners. This also means that law enforcement officials have no way to investigate a suspicious person and the possibility that they may own a gun that could be used in a crime.

Lack of regulated manufacturing processes could be a threat to the user as well as members of the public since the homemade weapon was not held to proper regulated firearms procedures and could malfunction and hurt the user or an innocent victim at any time.

No efficient way to trace ghost guns without monitoring the purchase of materials needed to manufacture firearms as they do with materials to make explosives, which is tedious and mostly unsuccessful.

Many homemade ghost guns are made from plastic, meaning that with the simple removal of any internal metal parts, like a firing pin for example, could make them virtually undetectable, even to a metal detector.

Will Stricter Gun Laws Really Solve the Problem?

The simple truth is that the more the government attempts to regulate gun ownership, the more people – especially criminals – will simply build their own firearms as the gun laws continue to become too restrictive. This is already a major issue that needs our attention.

According to former FBI Agent Steve Gomez, criminals are already busy manufacturing their own guns or modifying their existing guns in an illegal manner to be more powerful. This not only puts thousands of untraceable, dangerous guns on our streets, but it also it also feeds the illegal gun trafficking and manufacturing business by pushing criminals towards illegal sales.

“If lawmakers took steps to make the gun laws more restrictive, those unlicensed home-made firearms would be highly sought after by people and criminals who do not care to comply with the law,” Gomez said.

“These guns are almost impossible to trace, experts say. Tracing the parts of a homemade firearm could be difficult if there are no serial numbers or registered identifiers designated for those parts. That typically is the objective of the manufacturer and end user of the [homemade] firearm — to produce and own a gun that is untraceable by the authorities,” finished Gomez.

At this time, there are no federal laws that govern the issuance of concealed carry permits, as each state has their own CCW laws and gun control proponents like it that way. They indicate that giving the states local control allows them to come up with customized solutions and work with regulatory gaps at the state as well as federal level.

Others, however, fear that if each locality has different firearm laws, those who can legally carry will need to be aware and follow the local firearm and ammunition bans and restrictions anywhere they travel throughout the different towns and jurisdictions where they may live, work, and travel, which may prove to be difficult.

It seems that most law enforcement officials agree that while ghost guns are currently and will continue to be a huge problem in the U.S., legislation is not expected in the near future that can permanently end the creation and use of ghost guns in the U.S.


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