Haha: Liberals Meant to Cause Impeachment Stir, But Fall Flat

Haha: Liberals Meant to Cause Impeachment Stir, But Fall Flat

Nearly as soon as the rumors of an impeachment inquiry had begun in Washington, it was made clear that this the idea of a few irrational Democrats, intent on reversing the 2016 presidential election. The first indication of this was the fact that when the entire process began, the only vote considered was one given without a single Republican vote in favor of it.

And since then, the amount of Republican interaction in the proceedings has been minimal, with only a small number of them allowed into deposition rooms and Democrats being in control of every part of the process.

No doubt, the liberals intended this to be a cause they could rally support for. And in truth, they need that support. And with the nation being so divided on the issue, between Republicans who will not give up on Trump and Democrats who still can’t believe Hillary lost in 2016, the independents seem to the only votes that really matter for 2020.

However, the left doesn’t seem to be doing an excellent job of getting independent voters’ attention.

To see this, we need to look no farther than their reactions to the televised impeachment hearings themselves. It only makes sense that if one is interested or concerned with the Democrat’s efforts at all, they would be intently watching the proceedings on one of the millions of TVs found in bars, airports, and living rooms in the US.

But the fact is they aren’t. Independents just don’t seem to care or be paying the least bit of attention.

A poll taken during the impeachment hearings last week showed that only a small number of independent voters even took notice of the events.

According to the poll, only 19 percent either watched or listened to some of the hearings. Seventeen percent said they watched or listened to streaming news summaries, and only 30 percent noted that they heard or read news summaries online, on the radio, or in a newspaper.

Not very many, indeed. Surely the Democrats had hoped for more. After all, they make this clown show out to be something that the whole nation should be thoroughly engrossed in, just as they were with the Nixon impeachment case.

But, much to the liberals’ regret, this case is much different. Richard Nixon, our 37th president, resigned before he could thoroughly be impeached. Democrats, no doubt, wish that Trump will do so as well if they don’t beat him to the end. However, Nixon only did so after it became abundantly clear that his own party had abandoned him. He knew that since neither the opposing party nor his own no longer supported him, he had absolutely no chance of staying in office.

But Trump isn’t exactly in that same situation. His Republican party seems to be in full support of his presidency and the job he has done thus far. In fact, a recent Iowa poll shows that Republicans have given him a whopping 85 percent job approval rating. According to the survey and the Des Moines Register, this is higher than it was in March before the impeachment process had even begun.

Furthermore, the amount of those who say they will definitely vote for Trump in 2020 has gone up to 79 percent, a move forward of nine points, according to the Des Moines Register/CNN/Mediacom Iowa Poll.

It is important to note that this is happening in Iowa, a state where Democratic presidential candidates have been seen on just about every street corner as of late. Iowa is an early voting state and will hold its election for the Democratic nomination on February 3, 2020. But rather than being entirely engulfed by the upcoming elections, voters there are choosing to focus on Trump.

Even independents and life-long Dems are taking Trump’s side.

Wayne Sparker told the Register, “I think he’s doing a tremendous job, really, as far as I’m concerned.” And he continued, “I’ve been a Democrat all my life, but when he ran for office when I could see what he was standing for – for borders and the different solutions he brought forth – I felt that I definitely needed to vote for him.”

If this is any indication of how the vote is going to go next November, I’d say the Dems need to be prepared for yet another loss. And they might as well give up on this impeachment scam. The nation isn’t buying it.


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