Harris Crawls Out of Hole to Discuss the Inflation Reduction Act

lev radin / shutterstock.com

We don’t hear from Kamala Harris that often. She is rarely seen in public, and when she is, it’s usually to campaign for a fellow Democrat rather than to actually do something that will benefit Americans. After all, she’s still trying to figure out the root cause of immigration – can someone go knock on her door and tell her to look in the mirror? That should get that issue out of the way.

Anyway, we actually see more of Dr. Jill Biden than we see of the VP. The First Lady is even more requested for speaking engagements than the VP, and that’s really saying something.

Harris has finally crawled out of her hole long enough to talk about the Inflation Reduction Act. It’s been months since the legislation was passed.
Have you seen inflation dropping? I don’t know about you, but I’m still paying a fortune for groceries.

Harris is not your average public speaker. She’s far worse. And there’s always a keyword that she loves to cling to. And as if she’s giving a public service announcement on PBS, she recites that word over and over.

Today’s word, boys and girls, is “school bus.”

Harris was recently at an event where she was asked about what she’s most excited about with the Inflation Reduction Act.

This would be her chance to actually convince us that the Inflation Reduction Act is going to make a difference and that we just need to give it time.

Nope. Her response is mind-boggling. “I have a particular fondness, I must tell you, for electric school buses. I love electric school buses!”

Okay, that’s great, but what do electric school buses have to do with reducing inflation so that Americans can stop struggling financially?

The reality is that Kamala Harris can’t answer the question appropriately because there is NOTHING to be excited about within the Inflation Reduction Act. It’s really just a piece of legislation that will actually cause inflation to grow while the Democrats get the money they need for their little pet projects – and that includes Green New Deal components.

It becomes funny when the VP, who has never driven a school bus in her life, is more excited about electric school buses than actual school bus drivers.
If these new vehicles are supposed to be so ah-mazing, wouldn’t we see some excitement?

Brian Doherty drops a truth bomb on Twitter by commenting, “My wife is a school bus driver & none of the drivers are excited about them. The battery range is just a bit longer than the average route. Drivers are concerned if there’s a traffic accident & the battery dies. And concerned about their finicky nature to extreme cold/heat.”

Considering that these are the same concerns that many Americans have about electric vehicles and why they’re slow to adopt high-priced green cars, it only seems reasonable that bus drivers have the same concerns regarding electric school buses.

Given that we now know the truth that the Inflation Reduction Act is really all about climate change, the interviewer poses another question to Harris. This should be a slam dunk but again, Harris isn’t the best speaker.

The question was about the climate actions taken by the Biden administration that the average American might not know about.

“A lot of it has to do with a real intentionality that we have to re-shift industries.”

Her inability to communicate articulately and answer a direct question is why people don’t trust her. It’s also why we have a senile president keeping the seat in the Oval Office warm. If they boot him, we’re left with her – and is that really any better?