High Gas Prices Are Here To Stay…Is It Biden’s Fault? Yeah…Kinda Sorta

n_defender / shutterstock.com

America’s ecstatic cheer over gasoline prices dropping 30 cents a gallon is ironic considering how the price is still up by $1.17 from last year at this same time. Nonetheless, it tamed the roar and filled consumers with the false hope that happy days were almost here again. Well… They have yet to arrive and the best advice is to not hold your breath. High gas prices could be an irreversible forever thing.

When Joe Biden gets carted off in a political death wagon, his replacement, Republican, Democrat, or other, is going to be expected to waltz into D.C. and immediately stop the price gouging they’ll be pre-destined to fail in achieving.

Here’s why: The demand for gasoline in the U.S. has risen, and those electric cars nobody wants are not offsetting the need as was anticipated. This, coupled with climate change dwindling the natural resources needed to refine oil into petrol is an issue that won’t, and at this late stage can’t go away.

Joe Biden vowed to rigorously tackle climate change, but since taking office in 2020, America’s gas production capacity has toppled by over 1 million barrels, not per month, but per day. That’s a historic amount of toppling in two short years, and the results are irreversible. 

The former National Security Council’s senior director for international energy under George W. Bush, Bob McNally, in plain English said, “We are going to be operating a shrunken, old and in-need-=f-repair refining system a lot harder. Future presidents and administrations are going to be absolutely bedeviled by high gasoline prices.” 

Biden also solemnly swore to dramatically reduce the nation’s fossil fuel habit by way of alternative power-producing methods that haven’t materialized. Republicans haven’t let the old geezer forget how his failure to act on the crises has pushed any chance of recovery off of this flat planet’s edge.

To prevent a political lashing, Biden fumbled with ways to make voters feel more confident that he was on the job. He lifted an 18-cent tax per gallon over a busy holiday weekend. He then ordered the nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve to release 1 million barrels of crude oil per day from its emergency stock which is now in danger of being depleted. A fact that’s well-known by America’s foes. 

To rub high octane in the wound, the Biden administration sang praises to themselves for pulling off the biggest single-day price per gallon drop in history, while none of their audience applauded. How do you spell s-h-a-m? 

The audience was right to hold its applause. Every analyst with at least the sense of a squirrel knows that much sooner than later, the birds gonna hit the windmill blades and splatter in the face of the Biden administration as gas prices reach even greater historical highs.

Two more very crucial things to consider. Putin would score a technical knockout by decreasing Russia’s oil exports to the U.S. Plus, the time to reason with hurricane season is just around the corner and those blowhards feast on oil refineries.  

Sorry for the bad news but things are going to get far worse before they never get better again. The crisis could have been slowed or possibly even averted, but that would have required Joe Biden to act on promises not kept, and since we’ve all seen how that goes you may as well go ahead and exhale. Your votes are going to be needed.