Hispanic Caucus Draws Political Line and Cancels This Woman

Alison Hancock / shutterstock.com

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus focuses on legislative agendas that will improve life for Hispanics across the country. The caucus was founded in 1976. While it consists primarily of Democrats, Biden has been talking about unity.

Do you know how to achieve unity? Stop making every issue about political lines.

Unfortunately, the Hispanic Caucus didn’t get the message.

Representative Mayra Flores made history. She’s the first Mexican-born congresswoman. Naturally, it would seem that she’d make a great addition to the caucus since she represents a heavily Hispanic district that borders Mexico.

There’s just one problem. She’s a Republican.

Mayra Flores said that she thought that since she was the first Mexican-born American congresswoman, she thought that the caucus would be open to working together. Unfortunately, she was denied because of her “extreme MAGA views” according to Sebastian Roa, a spokesperson for the caucus.

Wow. Extreme MAGA views. That sounds as though he opened his mouth and Biden’s words came out. Apparently, the caucus believes that Flores’ values attack Latinos and the nation’s democracy.

Imagine that…a Hispanic who is attacking Hispanics. Yeah, something doesn’t add up here – and Flores was more than happy to point out what that is. It “proves a bias towards conservative Latinas that don’t fit their narrative or ideology.”

Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner.

It’s not about the Democrats simply wanting to keep it on the political line. It’s all about the cancel culture. They have their progressive agendas that they want to push – and they don’t want a conservative viewpoint that could throw their agenda off of track.

They want to promote lies about what they think Hispanics in America want. So far, they’ve been wrong on so much – and they don’t want someone like Flores calling them out on it. As a result, they’ll call her extreme MAGA, even though she can hardly be labeled as such.

Perhaps Flores is better off not being part of the caucus. The bylaws explicitly prohibit Republicans from being a member – but maybe in 2022, it’s time to update those bylaws. You know, in the name of unity.

The CHC splintered years ago because of decades-old differences between the two parties. And it’s obvious that they don’t want to mend any of those differences, either. It’s why, in 2003, the Republicans formed the Congressional Hispanic Conference.

A Flores spokeswoman spoke with the Texas Tribune to explain that Flores was open to the possibility of joining the Congressional Hispanic Conference. However, she was focused on the Congressional Hispanic Caucus because she was eager to “work across the aisle with her fellow Hispanic lawmakers,” as The Blaze reported.

There are other Democratic caucuses that want to remain party focused. They don’t want to taint their caucuses with any conservative views. For example, Representative Byron Donalds, a black Florida Republican, was blocked from joining the Congressional Black Caucus last year. At the time, his spokesperson said, “The sad reality is although the Congressman and those in the CBC share the same race, the (R) behind his name disqualifies him from membership today.”

Perhaps Biden needs to look at what’s happening in Congress when he keeps promoting unity. It seems that “unity” is just a keyword that he throws out in speeches to make it seem like he wants the country to come together. If he believed anything of what he says, he’d tell the Democrats it’s time to learn to be more inclusive. But, then again, that goes against everything that the Democratic Party stands for these days. They’re not inclusive, and they don’t want to hear opposing viewpoints.