How Fake News Is Impacting Progress on Border Wall

How Fake News Is Impacting Progress on Border Wall

The wall has been proposed by Trump as a solution to overcome excessive immigration from Mexico.

It seems as though every day brings about a new article of fake news that makes people question whether the wall is a good idea or not.

Plenty of fake news is filling the headlines, showing people why Trump’s wall will never work and what the American people will lose if it is built.

We’ll Run Out of Avocados

One fake news article was run for a few weeks by different sources, stating that if the Mexican border closes, America will run out of avocados about three weeks later. However, this is not even close to being accurate.

The California Avocado Commission is responsible for supplying 90 percent of the fresh avocados in the United States. This means that everyone would still be able to enjoy their beloved guacamole if the border closed.

Auto Plants will Close

Another scare tactic being used by the far left is that American auto plants will close after a few months because of parts not being able to come across the Mexican border.

Plenty of news sites state that Ford, GM, and other auto plants rely on parts going through Mexico in order to get to them.

The problem with this is that most of the parts are actually made in the United States. In some instances, parts come from Canada, China, France, and the UK. A small number of parts come from Mexico, such as the GMC Sierra pickup.

If the border closed, Mexico would likely still produce the vehicle because of the income it generates. If they don’t, GM would easily find another source for their parts.

No One But Trump Wants the Wall

Many of the mainstream news sites make it sound like the only person who wants to create a wall between the U.S. and Mexican border is President Donald Trump.

They blame him entirely for demanding the money. It would seem as though he is alone in his quest for having the wall built.

Five years ago, the Democrats were ready to fund the wall.

They wanted to build it because they wanted it to be part of “the most aggressive” security plan for the border in U.S. History, according to President Barack Obama. It would seem that the Democrats aren’t giving credit (or blame) where it is due.

Now that Trump wants to move forward with a plan and have the wall built, Pelosi and the other Democrats in power no longer want to build the wall.

There Aren’t Problems with Mexicans Crossing the Border

Drug smuggling has been a constant problem, which is one of the reasons for wanting the borders to close.

While immigration is a concern as well, the drug wars in America will never be won if there is a constant flow of cocaine, heroin, and other illegal drugs being brought in from Mexico.

90 percent of the drug seizures took place at the point of entry where cars drive from Mexico into San Diego. These are just the drugs that are caught coming in – there are assumed millions more that aren’t caught.

The cartels are acting like a business and, without a wall, it can be difficult to put a stop to it. In 2016 alone, over 83,000 kilograms of drugs were confiscated.

It’s clear that a wall needs to be built. There are democrats and republicans alike who can agree that a wall will make it easier to control immigration and cut down on the amount of illegal drugs entering the country.
However, fake news is clouding people’s judgments. They hear something that they don’t like and, suddenly, don’t want to support the wall.

There are also so many people who wanted to see Clinton win instead of Trump that they won’t support his ideas no matter what.

Trump could be the best president the world has ever seen and there would still be people complaining about what he is doing. Because he wants the wall built, others don’t want to build it.

Many politicians want to break the rules and redefine definitions to their own benefit.

Plenty have been heard questioning what laws illegal aliens have broken. The answer is in the question. After all, by very definition, an illegal alien is illegal.

They are in the country illegally because they have failed to follow the immigration laws that are already in place.

Navigating the fake news can be difficult. However, once people do their own research, it’s clear that most of the news is tactics to scare people into avoiding supporting the wall.


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