Hunter Biden’s DNA Test Shows a Shocking Surprise

Hunter Biden’s DNA Test Shows a Shocking Surprise

So much for the good, wholesome Biden family that Joe and Hunter have been trying to show off. Joe Biden’s family is a bigger mess than we initially thought. With a woman In Arkansas claiming an illegitimate baby with Hunter Biden, the former VP’s son can’t seem to manage to stay out of the headlines.

Now, DNA results show that he is, in fact, the father. This keeps getting better and better.

A woman in Arkansas made the claim and Biden quickly denied it. However, a DNA test has shown with “scientific certainty” that Hunter Biden is the faster of the baby. The filing identifies that Biden is not going to be challenging the DNA test results or the testing process.

While Hunter Biden had previously denied fathering the child, he did agree to a paternity test in October. Joe Biden’s campaign and Hunter Biden’s attorney have been silent regarding requests for comment.

All of what’s going on with the former VP and his son is better than what happens on afternoon talk shows. Joe Biden and his 2020 Democratic presidential nomination is seeing more action than ever before. He was the front runner for quite a while simply because he was the only name that people recognize. However, a number of other candidates are moving forward. Joe Biden and his son, meanwhile, can’t seem to stay out of the headlines with the various controversies that are surrounding them.

It’s no surprise that the woman in Arkansas has come forward to identify that Hunter Biden is the father. After all, Hunter Biden’s business dealings have been thrust to the center of attention, particularly regarding what has been going on with his business deals in Ukraine. Trump wanted the Ukraine president to investigate the company to see exactly why Biden was being paid as much as $50,000 a month as a board member. Since then, the investigation has led to the impeachment probe.

Currently, there is no evidence of wrongdoing for Hunter Biden in Ukraine – though Joe Biden may have committed quid pro quo when he served in the position of vice president when he asked the investigator looking into the case against his son’s company be fired.

In regards to Hunter Biden becoming a father, it all started when Lunden Alexis Robert file a lawsuit for child support and healthcare in May. The child was born in August 2018. The latest filing from her attorneys also identifies that Biden’s family members are eligible for Secret Service protection, and therefore, so is her child.

Roberts requested that the court seal the name and identifying information for the child due to anticipating the court granting a paternity order.

The 49-year-old son of the former VP was supposedly in a relationship with Roberts, a 28-year-old woman in 2018. Roberts filed the petition for paternity as well as child support just days after Hunter Biden married Melissa Cohen in California.

Hunter Biden’s relationships have been becoming increasingly more public. He was listed as one of the customers of Ashley Madison, a site that was hacked in 2015 that helped individuals commit adultery. He separated from his wife who had accused him of spending money on prostitutes and drugs. He later dated Hallie Biden, the widow of his late brother, bow. After that, he dated (and since married) a South African woman by the name of Melissa Cohen, someone 17 years younger than he is.

It is not clear as to how Roberts and Biden met or how long the relationship took place. While Roberts and her attorney attempted to work with Hunter and his attorney, they were unsuccessful, which is why they had to serve him with the lawsuit. Arkansas court documents identify that Hunter Biden will be required to pay child support and provide health insurance to his illegitimate child.

Roberts isn’t looking to create a media spectacle. She is simply trying to establish that Hunter Biden is the biological father of her baby and seeking child support and health insurance.

An attorney in Little Rock said that the child support matter could be complicated. If Hunter Biden has no ties to Arkansas and has never stepped foot in the state, child support is decided based on where he lives as opposed to Arkansas – and the petition currently lists Biden as living in Annapolis, Maryland.

The more that comes out about Hunter Biden, the less it makes Joe Biden look like a quality candidate. No one wants to see Joe Biden become president if his son can’t keep his nose clean, quite literally in some instances since he was discharged from the US Naval reserve in 2014 after positive testing for cocaine.


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