Ilhan Omar…Being Investigated by the Feds

Ilhan Omar…Being Investigated by the Feds

Ilhan Omar has caused a significant amount of controversy as a Representative and proud member of “The Squad.” Now, there may be more to Omar, especially with multiple government entities investigating her because of felonies that have taken place from 2009 to 2017.

Rep. Steve Drazkowski (R-Minn) filed a complaint on the matter a while back with the Minnesota District of the Department of Justice. This led to US Attorney Erica MacDonald to have the FBI review the complaint.

Drazkowski and others have met with the FBI to discuss the case and prepare evidence. Now, the FBI has moved to take additional steps.

It appears that Ilhan Omar committed a number of felonies, which has led the FBI to get various other investigative agencies involved to conduct a joint investigation.

The Department of Education Inspector General has gotten involved because there’s evidence to suggest that when Omar married a UK citizen in 2008, it was to commit federal student loan fraud. She received her degree in 2011 and also permanently separated from her husband in the same year. The start and end dates of her marriage conveniently coincide with her enrollment at North Dakota State University.

Based on address records and a statement from Omar, she was still living with her first husband as well as the two children she had with him throughout the length of her second marriage.

As if all of that wasn’t incredible enough, she also filed for divorce in 2017. Under penalty of perjury, she had to submit a 9-question form to the court to identify that she lost all contact with her second husband in June of 2011. Well, it turns out she perjured herself eight times by not answering the questions honestly as countless social media posts and a 2016 interview with the husband would prove.

There’s also the Immigration and Customs Enforcement that has to get involved with Ilhan Omar. There may be quite a few immigration-related felonies committed by the Representative as well. The questions that she had to answer to file a divorce from her second husband may result in immigration fraud as well as marriage fraud. She could also be brought up on counts of bigamy and even eight years of federal and state tax fraud.

With Omar working so hard to abolish ICE, it would only seem fitting that she have to deal with a criminal investigation conducted by ICE. Even her 2020 re-election campaign includes a target on ICE agents. She believes that ICE is an “unreformable” organization where they have been increasingly more unaccountable, brutal, and militarized.

There’s a lot that it looks like Ilhan Omar is guilty of, yet there are so many Democrats who choose to ignore it. To pay attention to Omar would be to admit that Democrats are not always honest. It would hurt them in more ways than can be counted.

Many have been aware of the issues against Omar since 2016. However, instead of the liberal news talking about the issues, they’re focused solely on the supposed wrongdoings f Trump.

It’s easy to see how Omar could be in a lot of trouble. The only person with the same name and birthdate as the ex-husband is someone who was raised in the same home as Ilhan’s sister – and that’s verifiable information. He also has the same three family names. This causes a number of questions to be asked about who Ilhan Omar is, who she married, and how many counts of fraud she has truly committed.

The problem is that the identity of Ilhan Omar is a Democrat’s fantasy. She’s a minority to the extreme, outspoken, and is a great vehicle for selling progressivism. Anyone who disagrees with Omar or who is out to get her must hate democracy and must be racist, right? It’s the perfect situation for Dems to sell their liberal crap to anyone who would listen.

It’s only now that the articles of impeachment have been delivered to the Senate that people are starting to scrutinize Ilhan Omar. The Representative may finally have a criminal investigation opened on her because it’s what she deserves. As much as she may not like it, she can no longer attack the Jews, screw over the government, and lie to people. She may have to deal with a long list of felonies.

The Dems are sneaky. They hide the dirty deeds of their own. Luckily, there are enough reports on the wrongdoings of Omar that they simply can’t hide the smell any longer.



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