Illinois Judge Rules Governor’s Stay-At-Home Order Violates Civil Rights

Illinois Judge Rules Governor’s Stay-At-Home Order Violates Civil Rights

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker has decided to issue a stay at home order than has been deemed too draconian by state residents. After protesters took to the streets, an Illinois judge was asked to rule on this matter. This judge has ruled in favor of the citizens. The stay at home order was deemed to be a major overreach from the governor.

Civil rights were violated by this order and the governor’s emergency authority has been exceeded. This news comes as music to the ears who are tired of being stuck inside. Clay County Circuit Judge Michael McHaney took Republican representative Darren Bailey’s side on the issue. Bailey had asked for a restraining order against the Illinois governor.

Illinois residents are probably wondering if they are now freed from the stay at home orders that were put into place. In reality, there are still additional steps that need to be taken. Since Bailey is the only plaintiff that was listed when the lawsuit was filed, he is the only citizen that is going to be released.

However, other Illinois residents are being given the chance to join the lawsuit themselves. Whether they decide to join Bailey’s lawsuit or file one of their own, they have multiple options available to them. The lockdown order that was deemed to be excessive was first issued by Governor Pritzker on April 2.

Schools were closed down, non-essential businesses were asked to shut their doors and individuals were no longer given the latitude to move about the state. When the judge ruled against the governor, he was furious. The Republican lawmaker received quite an earful from Pritzker. He accused the judge of being easily swayed by the cult of celebrity.

Swift action was promised by the governor to overturn the judge’s decision. Groups and individuals are being given the ability to challenge the restrictions that have been placed on their typical movements. In the meantime, the illness is still highly contagious and continuing to circulate. A number of uncomfortable conversations need to be had in the days and weeks to come.

House Republicans were also not thrilled with another decision that was passed down by the Illinois governor. State prison inmates have been released early because of the coronavirus pandemic. Elderly inmates have been sent home and those who have preexisting conditions are also being given the chance to receive a furlough.

As for the judge in question, Pritzker’s methodology was taken to task. The governor stands accused of violating the United States Constitution and destroying our nation’s Bill of Rights. Judge McHaney made a solid point when he pointed out the idiocy involved in the governor’s decision.

In his mind, why should Illinois residents be banned from going on fishing trips when they are able to gather in large crowds at the local Wal-Mart without any issues? It’s a good question and we are glad that someone is willing to bring it up. We were starting to think that we were taking crazy pills when we saw these silly stay-at-home orders.

Pritzker plans to appeal the ruling but that was to be expected. No governor wants to have their authority challenged in such a public way. The status hearing is not going to take place until next week, though. This leaves Illinois residents wondering what comes next. Is the judge going to be willing to stick to their guns or will the governor’s initial order be restored?

The rest of the country is going to be watching the results of this hearing closely. If Illinois is forced back indoors, this will put a major damper on the efforts that are taking place in other states. While we can see both sides of this dispute, it is hard to deny that state governors are starting to overstep their boundaries.

Democrats seem to think that the American citizen cannot make their own decisions. Why should anyone have to be told that it is in their best interests to stay home at the moment? This seems like a pretty obvious decision to make right now but governors like Pritzker are using the pandemic as a reason to flex their muscles.

Now, judges are being forced to step in and make the tough decisions. Otherwise, states would be left to fend for themselves and the protests would only continue to worsen. We all need to be spending our time and energy on better pursuits at this point in time. No one should be forced to deal with governors who are drunk on their own power.


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