Insanity: Illegal Alien Kills Family of 4, Gets Issued Ticket for Careless Driving

Insanity: Illegal Alien Kills Family of 4, Gets Issued Ticket for Careless Driving

Stories like this one make us wonder what the Democrats are thinking. Their bleeding heart liberal policies have real consequences that are not always considered. They may sound like nice ideas on paper but they come with a severe cost. For starters, they are now allowing illegal aliens to obtain driver’s licenses even when they are not in the process of becoming citizens.

As you would expect, this is leading to an orgy of destruction. We wish that we did not have to tell this story because it is a sad one. Unfortunately, it is indicative of the policies that Democrats are looking to force on the rest of us. An illegal alien plowed into an entire family with their car by Disney World, killing three generations of people in the process.

The driver was found to be in the United States illegally, of course. A mother was killed, along with her grandmother and her two children. Fortunately, the two other passengers in the vehicle were able to survive. The father and the grandfather now have to piece their lives back together in the wake of this horrific tragedy.

Lucas Dos Reis Laurindo is the illegal alien who is responsible. You would think that he would be punished to the fullest extent of the law, right? Sadly, the Democrats have made the laws so toothless. Florida residents can be struck and killed by illegal aliens and not a thing is done to stop it.

Can you believe that “careless driving” is the worst charge that can be filed against Lucas? This is what the Democrats have pushed for. Now, states are unable to defend themselves against these illegal immigrants. They are able to run hog wild and there is very little that can be done to stop them.

He’s now being held in custody. At least the Democrats didn’t step in to save him before he was found to be in violation of his visa. We are stunned that they are not picketing outside of the jail and referring to him as a political prisoner. This family deserves better than to watch him walk away so easily from such a heinous crime.

Accident or no accident, the punishment for these types of events has to be severe. Illegal aliens need to know that they cannot come to America and commit crimes of this nature. A family has been shattered forever but at least they can rest easy knowing that the man is at least going to face a visa violation and a careless driving charge.

This is why illegal immigrants think that they can come to America and operate with impunity. The Democrats have created a universe where there is absolutely no consequences. All you need to do is come to America and you’ll get a driver’s license that you can use at your own discretion.

In case you were wondering, the authorities found Lucas to be at fault for the crash taking place. This should not come as a surprise but at least someone is thinking clearly. Florida law has been molded to meet the “needs” of these illegal immigrants and we wish that innocent people did not have suffer like this.

We just hope that the liberals are happy about what has taken place here. Everyone who is not an insane leftist is tired of watching stuff like this occur. Americans who were born and raised here should never have to bury their loved ones because of the actions of illegal immigrants.

Lucas should be locked away for life. Instead, he will probably get a flight back to his home country and never see a day in jail. He won’t even have to pay the fine for the careless driving ticket either, we bet. The craziest part of all is that an American who did the exact same thing would be facing serious jail time and would probably be subject to a massive lawsuit as well.

Does any of this seem fair to you? We are hopping mad and we are not even related to the victims. It is tough to watch this sort of thing happen and sit idly by. This is why Trump needs a second term. This is his chance to finish the job that he came to do in the first place.

It’s been a long time since the nation had a president that was this dedicated to cleaning up our borders. He is trying to prevent these kinds of disasters from having a chance to take place in the future. With any luck, he can pass the sort of federal laws that will keep state governments from taking these types of liberties going forward.


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