Iowa Newspaper Throws Support Behind Warren

Iowa Newspaper Throws Support Behind Warren

Elizabeth Warren has been losing quite a bit of footing in the polls to Sanders. Recent polls show that he’s got the lead in Iowa and New Hampshire. However, Warren has just secured a new endorsement: The Des Moines Register.

The major newspaper in Iowa has recently announced that they’re choosing to endorse the Massachusetts Senator. The newspaper says that they believe that she’ll make the “best president” at this point in the history of the country. They identify that she’s the best option since the “generation of war” is stressing out military families and there’s a gap between the rich and the poor that’s the highest it’s been in 50 years.

They may want to check some of their facts, but if they think that a far-left leaning Democrat is going to be the answer, they better prepare for a significant hike in their taxes. Additionally, they apparently don’t want to talk about the fact that Trump has been greatly improving the economy for the past three years.

With a major newspaper choosing to endorse Warren, it could help to tilt the tables in her favor for the 2020 Iowa Democratic caucuses. To show that they already know that people are worried about the candidate, they have assured readers that she is “not the radical” that many believe her to be. This is most likely addressing her promise to take apart the private insurance industry and create a wealth tax that would be unconstitutional.

The Massachusetts senator has a history of not telling the truth, particularly with her comments about being Native American. She constantly avoids telling the truth whenever possible, identifying “I have a plan for that” without talking about the details. Yet, the newspaper touts her as someone who is going to “treat the truth” as something that actually matters. They are still talking about someone who is a part of the Democratic Party, right? The left side is constantly known for disguising the truth for their own benefit.

It is clear that the editorial board of The Des Moines Register is not only Democratic but also not a fan of the truth.

They may be a little worried about what the endorsement could mean to their readers, so they create a bit of an escape hatch within their announcement. The state that Warren along with all of the other candidates from the Democratic Party could “make a fine president.” This means that while they are officially endorsing Warren, they are actually endorsing any of the Democratic candidates so as to position themselves to a Democratic position as opposed to one that would back Trump.

The lavish praise of Warren has a number of people raising their eyebrows to figure out how she could possibly be the one that they identify as being capable of treating truth in a way that matters. Even Matt Wolking, a political commentator from Trump’s campaign tweeted a comment, wondering whether they are idiots or if the newspaper is just messing with everyone.

Now, many people are having fun with the ways that Warren hasn’t shared the truth in the past. Not only did she take a DNA test to end up proving that she wasn’t Native American, but she also claimed that her children only attended public schools. However, yearbooks obtained that was a lie because her son Alex attended an elite private school in Austin, Texas throughout the 1980s.

The extremism of Warren’s policies along with her history of lying is likely why she’s not doing so well in the polls. The Register’s editors want to identify her as the president that the nation “needs.” However, the polls show that she’s not the president that the nation wants, so there’s that, too.

The Register may have to do some explaining as they’re being attacked by endorsing the woman who is known for telling lies. She even went as far as identifying herself as Native American on her Texas State Bar registration card.

So, while the presidential candidate can add another endorsement to her long list of endorsements, this one might not actually help her too much. She’s not the extremist that the extremists want because Sanders is polling higher. She’s not even the Dem that people want as they’d rather choose Biden for that. This leaves her struggling to get the numbers in the polls to stay in the game. As a result, she’s in the “say anything” phase of her campaign where she’ll tell people anything that they want to hear.


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