Iran is Playing Games, Trump is Furious

Iran is Playing Games, Trump is Furious

Iran is a terrorist nation that just cannot keep itself out of the news. The entire world knows that they have been illegally selling their oil while at the same time trying to make people believe they are obeying the sanctions. Iran’s tanker was seized by the British military several weeks back with the claims that they were selling their oil secretly.

At the time Iran denied the accusations and now they are claiming they have sold their oil. This is a complete reversal from what they had lied to the world about before.

Iran has been trying to gain attention to their situation ever since the United States pulled out of the nuclear deal that was in place. The United States pulled out because Iran was not living up to their end of the agreement.

But Iran still had the obligation to honor the deal for the sake of the other nations. But they have refused to do so. This only proves that they were looking for an excuse to get out from under the nuclear agreement.

The sanctions in place are there to keep Iran from selling their oil and having the money to finance their nuclear programs. The fact that another nation is willing to buy this illegal oil shows that some nations are against the United States and do not care about doing the right thing.

Iran has even gone so far as to deploy warships to attack any vessels that try to seize Iranian tankers. This is nothing short of defiance on their part. Of course, Iran never did say which country bought the oil.

The United States tried to keep it from happening but when two rogue nations want to break the law there is nothing that will keep them from doing that. All nations of the world need to adhere to the sanctions for them to work well. The sanctions are there to help motivate Iran to stop threatening the world.

The new owner of the oil now has the right according to Iran to decide where the oil is to go. Of course, the oil was an illegal sale and should be eligible for seizure by the United States. The fear is that the new owner will allow the oil to fall into the hands of terrorists that will use it to fund their murderous endeavors.

This is exactly what Iran is doing with its money from the sale of the oil. They are developing nuclear weapons to be used in other nations.

Many nations that are affected by the sanctions are adhering to the rules. Greece was to be the recipients of the oil before it was seized but has since said it would not offer any facilities to the vessel because of where the oil has come from.

The tanker has nearly 2 million barrels of oil on board. Greece has done the right thing in denying this vessel safe harbor. Those that bought this oil should be ashamed and put on trial for funding terrorism.

The United States ordered the seizure of the vessel once it was released but Gibraltar rejected the order. They have in effect sided with Iran over this oil tanker. These kinds of actions just embolden Iran and make them even more of a threat to others.

Iran has also stated that any attempt by the United States to seize this vessel would be met with consequences. This is nothing more than a threat to the United States.

President Trump would once again be the hero if he were to order the seizure of this tanker. Iran cannot get away with threatening the United States.

They must be taught a lesson in respecting the freedom and safety of others around them. If Iran does not like having the sanctions, then all they have to do is give up the pursuit of nuclear weapons. This would see the sanctions lifted and a new future for Iran would begin to unfold with high economic hopes.


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