Iron Dome Doing Its Job in Israel but Liberals Want More Jewish People Killed

The Democrats are destroying America one regulation at a time. And as a result, the nation of Israel is losing an essential ally in its fight against terrorism. Joe Biden reluctantly offers his support, but deep down, he has a disdain for the Jewish people. He wants to ignore their struggles so he can save face with those in the Democratic Party that would love to see the nation of Israel blown into the sea.

Hamas came out of the shadows with their deadly rockets and started pounding the peaceful nation of Israel. The extended cease-fire that came about from the last time they attack gave them the needed time to restock up on the cache of weapons.

So far, there is no rhyme or reason why Hamas felt the need to attack Israel. The secret is that they hate the country because they feel that they have no right to the land. But archeological digs tell a different story. There is proof that Israel is the rightful heir to the land.

Donald Trump got the Arabs and Israel to agree to a peace treaty that would strengthen the fight against Iran. The terrorist Iranians would love nothing more than to destroy the work of peace that has brought nothing but blessings to the Arab world.

Joe Biden would love to see all of Trump’s hard work destroyed as well. He and his mentor Obama likes the idea of a strong Iran. Biden’s administration should be held responsible for the attacks since they are the ones that strengthened Iran to the point where it could supply the weapons Hamas needed to launch their attack on Israel.

Thousands of rockets have been launched, and there are thousands more pointing at Israel’s heart. The terrorist group is so horrid because they are found using humans as shielding to launch their attacks. Israel is very precise about where they attack, and Hamas knows it.

Israel’s sole defense aside from their military is what is called the “Iron Dome.” This defense platform is a shield that is in place to intercept Hamas’s rockets.

The “Iron Dome” has shot down thousands of rockets and, as a result, saved countless lives. It is used for the defense of Israel and never for offensive purposes. But according to the Washington Post, the “Iron Dome” gives an unfair advantage to Israel that the liberal news agency would love to see dismantled.

The liberals maintain that the “iron Dome” forces the terrorists to want to attack. The premise would be that Israel needs to remove the “Iron Dome” to stop the attacks. The Washington Post is so far out of touch with history that their claim makes absolutely no sense at all. Israel has been attacked with terrorist rockets far longer than the “Iron Dome” has been in existence.

The dome is so effective that Israel does not need to send in the military and invade more Palestinian strongholds. This system not only saves civilian lives but also the lives of those in the armed forces.

The liberals are just ticked off because Hamas cannot kill Jewish people. It upsets them because the terrorists cannot claim victory. All they have is defeat. And in liberal thinking, that is just not fair because everyone needs a trophy.

The hatred of the “Iron Dome” by Democrats has long been in their past. In fact, the issue comes up every time Israel has to use it for protection. The liberals are quick to note that in order for there to be peace in the Middle East, the dome has to go.

They quickly forget that Donald Trump had peace in the east until Joe Biden stepped into the office and started the engine for war again. History has shown that when Israel has strong American support, they are at peace. But when a weak liberal steps into office, that peace dissolves, and the terror begins. All it will take to quiet things down in the east is for Biden to be kicked out of the office and a man like Donald Trump to sit down. And the rest of the terrorist world would know that they will never be able to get away with acts of terror with a strong president watching over them.


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