Is Biden-Harris The Dream Ticket To Beat Trump?

Is Biden-Harris The Dream Ticket To Beat Trump?

Democrats are scrambling to find a dream ticket that they can confidently put up against Trump.

In 2016, they chose Hilary Clinton, assuming that they had what it took to take down the business entrepreneur.

However, Trump took the presidency by a landslide. Although he didn’t win the popular vote, he secured the Electoral College and became the 45th President of the United States.

Now, there’s a lot of whispers that Biden-Harris may be the dream ticket that will have what it takes to beat Trump.

Biden is Who Trump Fears

Trump has mentioned on more than one occasion that he thinks that Biden will be the front-runner for the Democratic party. He believes that Biden has had similar success to his own race in 2016.

Biden already held the office of Vice President, so he has more experience in the White House than any of the other 22 Democrats currently with hats in the ring to run for president.

Biden is the real threat because he registers with more of the voters.

Biden was in office with Obama, which was the golden boy of the Democratic Party for eight years, despite some of the questionable policies that were put into place.

However, Trump doesn’t have the highest opinion of Biden.

He’s called him an idiot on more occasion, especially when Biden botched the name of the British prime minister.

Biden corrected himself, though Trump questioned whether that made him a good front runner.

Why Kamala Harris?

Biden is at the top of the polls right now.

However, he’s a white male, which can hurt his polls across the country as a whole.

Especially when so many people were excited with Obama being the first black president and so many crossed their fingers with the hopes of Clinton being the first female president, a white male simply isn’t going to get the job done.

There’s a possible solution that would make everyone happy, or so it seems.

Kamala Harris. The Congressional Black Caucus is routing for Senator Kamala Harris to be on the ticket with Joe Biden for the VP slot.

Essentially, Harris is the exact opposite of Biden, which is why she’s perfect.

She’s a freshman senator from California. She’s considerably younger than the 76-year-old presidential candidate, she’s a woman, and she’s black. Harris has also gotten a lot of applause for being merciless when she cross-examines Trump officials.

There’s also the desire to see a larger black turnout at the polls for 202.

Ever since Obama’s wins, the turnout has been low because there’s nothing there that interests them.

Representative Anthony Brown, a Dem from Maryland, believes that Biden is going to try to balance his ticket.

It would only make sense if he picked a woman of color.

Is it really the dream ticket?

There’s still a big problem with what the Democrats are calling the dream ticket.

Biden still has a long way to go to become the winner of the presidential race because it’s nine months away.

There are also nearly two dozen other candidates vying for the spot.

Biden is already popular with African American voters because of his position with Obama.

There are plenty of representatives who would support Kamala Harris as the VP choice.

However, Harris is still very green in the field of politics. She’s a freshman in Congress, so she’s still learning her way around DC.

She is a lawyer and served as a district attorney for San Francisco for seven years. She’s also identified that she, herself, is running for the presidency.

It’s unlikely that she’ll go far, especially because of her lack of experience.

While some people may vote for her because of her double-minority draw, she’d make a better VP than a President.

In order for the idea to work, though, Biden would have to beat out other candidates like Warren and Eric Swalwell.

Biden’s not young.

With Trump being older and many senators and representatives being older, there’s an outcry for a younger presence in Washington DC.

Although Harris is a spry 54, it may not be the ticket of youth that the Democratic Party as a whole wants to see.

We’ve got nine months to see what the Democratic Party can pull together.

It’s certainly possible that a Biden-Harris ticket can show up. However, it’s possible that one of the other runners will make a last minute leap, showing someone who can truly give Trump a run for his money – and perhaps someone who knows that the British Prime Minister is Theresa May, not Margaret Thatcher.


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