Is Billionaire Steyer Buying Black Support in South Carolina?

Is Billionaire Steyer Buying Black Support in South Carolina?

The Democratic Party loves to portray themselves in a certain way. If you are to take them at their word, the Republicans are the party that harbors all of the billionaires and they are here to support the working class. It’s pretty funny to think about, especially now that they have two billionaires vying for their presidential nomination.

Tom Steyer is the non-Bloomberg billionaire who also thinks that he can buy an election. Since South Carolina is one of the most important states from a primary standpoint, this is where Steyer is focusing his purchasing power. You’re not going to believe this but he currently stands accused of trying to buy the black vote in this state.

Biden is the only other candidate who has the same sort of name recognition in the state of South Carolina. It is easy to see why Steyer thought that he would be able to take advantage of that. If he’s such a smart billionaire, how did he already get caught, though? According to CNN reports, Steyer’s spending currently accounts for at least 90 percent of all television ad spending in the entire state.

You know that the Democratic party has to be in shambles when billionaires are barely concealing their efforts to purchase the election. Steyer thinks that he can win the Democratic electorate in this state if he throws enough money at black voters. It’s as bold as it is stupid but that’s the Democratic party for you.

Tom Steyer Accused of Buying Black Support in South Carolina

Billionaire left-wing donor Tom Steyer is being accused, once again, of buying support — this time, among African Americans in South Carolina.

Steyer has spent heavily in South Carolina in general to boost his support, taking advantage of the fact that only former Vice President Joe Biden had significant name recognition in the state. CNN reported last month that Steyer accounted for over 90% of television ad spending in the Palmetto state.

In addition, however, Steyer is targeting African American voters, who are the majority of the Democratic Party primary electorate in the state.

Moreover, Steyer is spending money on black organizations and politicians, directly and indirectly. (Breitbart)

They are the first ones to point the finger at Republicans for supposedly being in the pockets of the wealthy but this is the sort of behavior that is allowed to take place without being checked. You would think that they would send a strong message to candidates like Steyer but you know what will happen already.

The Democrats will stick their heads further into the sand and ignore it. We know their strategy better than they do. They love to act like things are not happening, in hopes that they go away. Steyer is trying to spend big with the black organizations and politicians in South Carolina but this spending is all going to be for naught.

You cannot simply pump money into a coveted voting bloc and expect them to kowtow to your demands. What’s to stop a voting bloc from taking the money and running? This is something that Steyer has yet to consider. He and Bloomberg have yet to consider this factor. In their minds, everyone is taking their money because they strongly believe in their policies.

Steyer’s efforts have allowed him to qualify for this week’s debate in South Carolina. While we do not agree with this decision, we would love to see him get challenged on this in a public forum. The donations that he has made are public record and there is no denying them. What will he do when another candidate decides to start poking at this obvious sore spot?

What will he do when all of this spending turns out to be fruitless? Billionaires like him are used to getting their way at all times. These payments to South Carolina voters are coming under fire but more people should be talking about this blatant attempt at currying favor with black voters.

The American people do not deserve to be treated as pawns by billionaires. We are not supposed to be bought and sold like this. The anxiety over the upcoming election is leading the Democratic party to some tough decisions and they are already making all of the wrong choices.

Meanwhile, there are those who are not shocked by these developments at all. The Democrats are trying their best to buy the voters’ allegiance? It must be another day that ends in the letter y. At least Steyer is actually using his own money to buy the voters, as opposed to having the taxpayers do it for him.

At least that is progress, right? The Democrats will have to take their “victories” wherever they can get them at this point. It’s not like they have any future wins to look forward to. Things are definitely starting to look rather grim for them.

In the meantime, puffed up fat cats like Steyer are going to do their best to confuse the American people by purchasing voters in any way possible. It’s a very sad state of affairs but the Democrats do not have anyone to blame but themselves. They are now reaping what they sow and we all get to laugh at their blatant hypocrisy.


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