Is Joe Biden Starting to Lose It?

Is Joe Biden Starting to Lose It?

Former Vice President Joe Biden has always been problematic as a national candidate, He has been prone to saying and doing alarming things for decades. However, as a candidate for president, Biden has been trying mightily to stick to the script. He has not said too much that has been eyebrow lifting, aside from taking extreme views on the issues and engaging in name-calling against the president of the United States. As a result, despite some bumps and bruises, Biden has remained steadily on the top of the polls in the race for the Democratic nomination for president.

It couldn’t last. “Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids?” is the latest gaffe.

NBC News reports that Biden was speaking at a townhall in Des Moines, Iowa. To be sure he immediately corrected himself by adding, “wealthy kids, black kids, Asian kids.” However, the damage was done.

President Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign quickly pounced, tweeting out a video of the speech.

“Yikes…have fun mitigating that one,” Andrew Clark, the campaign’s rapid response director, tweeted.

The Biden campaign noted that the candidate immediately corrected himself. Then it tried to get the narrative back on the track that it preferred. Kate Bedingfield, Biden’s deputy campaign manager, claimed, “Trump is desperate to change the subject from his atrocious record of using racism to divide this country.”

The “Trump is a racist” trope has become the new Russian collusion, some political analysts have noted. The idea is to repeat it often enough to make Americans think it’s true.

On another occasion, at the Iowa State Fair, Biden stated, “We choose science over fiction. We choose truth over facts.”

The curious second phrase has many in the media scratching their heads. What did Biden mean by that? What actual phrase was he looking for?

As Fox News reported, these two instances are not the only times in recent days that Biden has said bizarre things.

“The question arose just days after the candidate misstated the locations of mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio while speaking to donors at a high-dollar fundraiser in San Diego.

“Biden, 76, mistakenly referred to the shootings as ‘the tragic events in Houston today and also in Michigan the day before,’ but later corrected himself, according to a pool report. Biden seemingly confused Houston for El Paso and Michigan for Ohio when speaking to donors about the shootings.”

Biden has been making gaffes for decades, which is one defense against the notion that the candidate is starting to get dementia. Also, as Hot Air notes, his fellow Democrats may hesitate to take advantage of it.

“Yes, that will be a bit … awkward. It might be somewhat less awkward for Biden’s Democratic opponents, who have been waiting for a Biden gaffe serious enough to knock him off his front-runner perch in the polls. However, they risk some blowback too if they start attacking Biden as a latent ‘white supremacist’ over this remark, as Biden is generally well-liked by Democratic voters, and he might still end up at the top of the ticket anyway. If so, hardball attacks on this gaffe during the primaries will haunt them in the general election. As they say, and as Clark is no doubt preparing, the ads will write themselves.”

Hot Air also notes that the next debate is about a month away, which may cause the sound and fury to die down a bit unless Biden makes another gaffe or two.

All of the media coverage about Biden misspeaking may be obscuring the things he is saying about the policy that might truly frighten people, especially gun owners. The former vice president has proposed a national buyback program to force people with firearms that have been classified as “assault weapons” to sell them to the government for “fair market value.” Anyone who declines to give up their guns will be prosecuted.

Such a law is not likely to pass anytime soon. President Trump has poured cold water on the idea, preferring some kind of enhanced background checks. The president has also signaled that he will consider so-called “red flag” laws in which a court can decide the seize firearms from a gun owner who has been judged to be a danger to themselves or others.

The NRA, which has been racked by internal divisions, may find unity in opposing all “common-sense gun safety laws.” Trump has already taken a call from the organization’s president, Wayne Lapierre, and has promised that the NRA will fully participate in the debate.


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